Dreger: “Schneider in Play”

So… Yeah….

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Let’s throw this out there right now: Roberto Luongo and the Canucks are, by all accounts, finished with each other. Mike Gillis has repeatedly said that he can’t see how Roberto Luongo will be back next season, while Roberto Luongo called the Canucks "(Schneider’s) team" in advance of the Canucks’ game four elimination contest against the Sharks this past May.

The two sides are divorced, but they’re still on a lease together and are riding out the final week.

The Luongo trade market is essentailly nonexistent in part because Mike GIllis has zero leverage. No one wants to pay the Canucks for Luongo, but it’s believed that several teams would claim his contract off of waivers. As a general rule, if you’re signed to a contract that would spur multiple waivers claims from rival clubs then you have some trade value. Probably not much, but some.

Like Dave Nonis did with Mike Gillis at the deadline, however, rival teams and general managers who might be interested in Roberto Luongo (the Oilers, Panthers, Islanders and maybe Philly) are confident they can wait out Mike GIllis and the Canucks and snag Luongo on their terms (in exchange for nothing at all, or even worse for Rick DiPietro). It’s a perception the Canucks have been fighting for, literally, more than a year. It’s a fight they can’t win because with a descending salary cap and seven or eight players still to sign this offseason, Mike GIllis can no longer wait forever here.

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All of which is to say that trading Cory Schneider, a player who would theoretically net a significantly better return and is only likely to be somewhat better than Roberto Luongo over the short-term, instead of Roberto Luongo is the right move from a hockey perspective. The Cory Schneider asking price is rumoured to be a first rounder and a prospect, and that’s probably a pretty good prospect too. If Bishop can net Conacher, and Bernier can net Frattin; then Schneider should be able to get you an NHLer on an entry-level deal and a first if the market for him heats up. Essentially it’s clear that the combined value of Luongo and a Schneider return, would outpace the combined value of Schneider and a Luongo return.

Alas, this is also something that just isn’t happening. You can’t just turn around and take Roberto Luongo back after what’s transpired over the past fifteen months. Professional relationships don’t work that way.

Perhaps the Canucks have – after struggling through this process for the past twelve months – thrown up their hands in frustration, and have decided to try and work it out with their star netminder and deal their more valuable commodity instead. The thinking, maybe, is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to reconnect with Luongo when the alternative is waivers, and a one-way ticket to Edmonton.

Or more likely, the Canucks have decided that they need to at least appear to have options ahead of this weekend’s draft. As such Mike Gillis may be invoking the Madman Theory here, because I very much doubt that a Cory Schneider trade is a serious consideration or a credible possible outcome for the Canucks this weekend.

  • I think you’re probably right that this won’t happen, Thomas, but to say you “can’t” take Luongo back, that professional relationships “don’t work” this way…

    I don’t think you’re right. In fact, professional relationships are the only relationships that might work this way. Personal relationships, family relationships, romantic relationships–after a certain point, you can’t go back. But professional relationships? Relationships based on money changing hands? They just might work this way. Not often, I’ll grant you. But they might.

    I think keeping Luongo is something that people say “could never happen” until it does. In some ways it’s like trading Gretzky: it’s unimaginable until it actually happens right in front of your eyes.

    Again, I don’t think VAN trades Schneider (even though hindsight–and me, a year ago, among lots of others–says this should have been done already). I think Gillis finds some way to trade Lu for a draft pick and a bad contract in return. But keeping Luongo is a definite possibility.

    Maybe a new coach means a fresh start for Lu in Vancouver?

  • Dman

    I was thinking about a Schneider deal yesterday, and have a question:

    Do you think Mike Gillis shopped Schneider in 2011 or 2012 and didn’t like the return available?

    It doesn’t seem to make any sense that they would commit to Luongo long-term, have him play very well for the first couple of years of that deal, and then hang on to Schneider when Luo’s deal had *ten years* left on it. I’ve got to wonder if Gillis tried to deal Schneider and couldn’t get a decent return, tried to wait it out until the market heated up, and found the market for goalies cool down instead, trapping him in the situation he’s been in for the past year and a half.

  • UkeeRob

    I’ve said this before, maybe this is what the Canucks should do. With an aging core that has a couple of years left to win a cup, Luongo fits into that core. The Assets that Schneider would yield would help in assembling a new core after that window closes. A good young player (ie: Couterier, Simmonds, Henrique) and a first rounder in this draft would definitely enhance our ability to be compete after this core is essentially gone. Luongo could be brought back into the fold. Lets not forget that Schneider’s next contract will be pricey. If it was to be the Oilers it would have to be a steeper cost though. Division rival and all. The Devils, Flyers, Islanders, Panthers, or Lightning all have assets that are very enticing. This probably all just a ploy, but a GM should always consider all options.

  • UkeeRob

    So, let’s off Schneider in the process, ey Gillis?

    Like, what the hell is going on here. Scheinder hears his name out there – he guaranteed walks in 2 years. Just like Letang.

    Luongo and his brother just tweeted. Basically, they are still waiting for Luongo to be traded. I’m sure he has ZERO plans to stay with Canucks. Are they trading both goalies? I don’t get it. I’m so confused.

  • Dman

    schneider for yakupov and their 1st which we use to get monahan and the lineup will be





  • Dman

    Dreger is a hand puppet for the Leafs. The only possibility he hasn’t discussed is trading both goalies. He should be “reporting” that soon just so that he can claim he was right all along. Why wouldn’t you shop Schneids? It makes sense to test the market before making such a big move. I still think it’s Lu and this might just be a clever way to force him to broaden his list if he truly wants to leave town.

    • Dman

      Yes, Dreger is a hand puppet for the Leafs, but he is more than that. He is genuinely connected into a number of league organizations. It may be exactly what he contends, it may be mis-direction on the part of Gillis, or it may be complete BS.

      The Good news is that we will know the truth relatively soon.

  • Dman

    I hope you’re right. It’s far too late to be switching the deal now. And I can’t see how they could possibly just go “alright Roberto, change of plans, forget all the talk of us trading you for the last year”. I can’t see how that would possibly work. Why would Lu agree to that?

    Looks like at this point the Aquilinis might need to just suck it up and buy Roberto out.

    • Dman

      “It’s far too late to be switching the deal now.”


      My understanding is that Lou wants to go because he wants to start, and if its not going to happen here, he’d like it to happen elsewhere.

      I’d imagine if they’re even considering this, they’ve spoken with Luongo about it.

  • UkeeRob

    That trade proposal, Schneider for yakapov and the 7th, is the biggest pipe dream I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t even get the 7th overall pick for him, let alone Yakapov. Come back to reality vancouver fans.

    • You should have said “Vancouver FAN”. Anyone with ANY hockey knowledge, would disagree with your opinion, of the Nucks fetching us a 7th overall for a young superstar calibre Tender with a decent contract. Cory was a first overall pick (26th), he is a Goalie which is probably the most valuable positions in the long run. Just out of curiosity, what are your colours?

  • Yeah the Canucks reportedly want a first but EDM’s first is probably a tier to high to be available in a trade for a backup (unless the market heats up and Mac-T doubles down, which I doubt he’d do). EDM does have two seconds though…

    Luckily none of this matters since Cory Schneider isn’t getting traded.

    • UkeeRob

      “Luckily none of this matters since Cory Schneider isn’t getting traded.”

      Have you spoken with Gillis? What makes you think this?

      I’ll admit that it seems likely, sure, but I don’t know how you can be so sure given how little we know… and given that what we do know just speaks to how difficult a Luongo trade will be to pull off without hurting the club.

  • I’m all over dealing Schneids for a high first and an NHL ready top end prospect. He is totally worth that and would help the Canucks in their youth movement.

    It isn’t the ideal situation. Moving Lu is the best move but no one knows what’s being offered for him. I would guess next to nothing. If Gillis wants to improve the team now and for the future then he has to get some return on a deal. Lu isn’t going to bring you anything.

    The Canucks do have a couple of solid prospects coming up so our future might be OK in goal. We an influx of good, young talent and Schneids can get us that. Again, not the best scenario but it’s what you get when offering stupid contracts. Looking forward to another Cup run where Lu lets in 8 goals in a game! Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  • Whether it’s a ploy or not, mending the relationship with Lu and trading Schneider IS the right move. MG is completely unrealistic with his Lu asking price (not b/c he’s not good enough, but nobody wants the contract length) and if trading Lu was what he really wanted to do he should have took what he could have got from Toronto (or whomever was interested at the time) while he had the chance.

    The Canucks only have themselves to blame for this one.

  • Hope Shneider gets traded to a team and beats the Canucks in the post season to teach all the blind Canuck fans a lesson they will invariably never learn. Keep trading your future away Canuks, that’s how you win championships. trade away your future goalie only to wonder why you then have no good goalie. Makes alot of sense. LOL

    • You should do your research, Goaltending is the very least of our problems, for building a young team. Vancouver just picked up another great tending prospect in Joacim Eriksson. We also have our next backup (Lack) who is a great Goalie. Cannata is another great young Goalie. Also we were the ones who drafted and developed Schneider (and Lack), what makes you think we can not do it again? Please tell me what “future” we traded away? The only one young gun we traded was Grabner, and he was not going to get anywhere the way our team was built then. Tallon was the dumbass who let him walk for nothing. Who do you cheer for?