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Our site has been around for a while now. You’ve read our blog through epic Canucks disappointments and through other epic Canucks disappointments. All the while we’ve mostly just made silly graphs, churned out the nerdiest Canucks content around, and made a whole load of bad jokes about how Jason Garrison is a hipster.

Somehow, someway, in spite of all of this, lots of you seem to read and like our stuff. Well now we want to give back! And by want to give back, we mean that we want to give you the opportunity you wear Canucks Army gear on a day-to-day basis. You’ll be the talk of the town (of course most of that talk will be negative like, "why did that idiot wear a sick t-shirt to a wedding?").

To that end we’re holding a t-shirt design contest and we’re really excited about it! Read past the jump for more info!

So here’s how this is going to work. You – the would be t-shirt designer – will submit potential t-shirt designs by e-mailing them to me at It can be anything you want. Perhaps you want to see a Salo is your Palo t-shirt actually get made – so submit it to the Canucks blog that can actually deliver! Or submit a design that features Chris Tanev chain smoking! Or how about a t-shirt featuring Canucks defenceman Kevin πksa (Kevin Pi-ksa get it? Terrible).

Once I’ve collected a few designs, we’ll post them on the blog and have a vote in ten days or so. Whichever design our readers like the best we’ll do a run of 100 t-shirts for purchase (with a portion of the proceeds being donated to support Five Hole For Food).

If your design gets the most votes and is chosen then you’re the winner! As a prize you’ll get five free Canucks Army t-shirts and the opportunity to have the gear before everyone else! If this latest scheme of ours works out then we’ll roll out hats and hoodies next, and you know you want a Canucks Army hoodie (or, I know I want a Canucks Army hoodie).

Here are the contest rules. FIrst of all, if you’re submitting a design, please avoid using any official NHL or team logos. Also no player names. Finally, by submitting a design and accepting a prize in this contest, you agree that CanucksArmy and the Nation Network owns the rights to that design in perpetuity going forward.

We’ve mocked up a couple of sample designs courtesy Matt Henderson and Jordan Clarke to help you get your creative juices flowing. Here’s the "Fear the Weird" Zack Kassian t-shirt by Matt Henderson:

And here’s the Schneiderman t-shirt design by Jordan Clarke:

Pretty cool right? 

So once again: submit your t-shirt design to to be entered, and check back occassionally so you can vote on which design you like the best!