Evening Headshots: May 27th

Not sure how I missed Jannik Hansen’s face photoshopped onto Rick Flair’s body…
Kudos SmugNation.

Today at CanucksArmy we fought bravely against a slow hockey news day. We looked at some of the names who surfaced over the weekend as candidates to replace Alain Vigneault behind Vancouver’s bench, examined Los Angeles Kings assistant coach John Stevens’s resume with a fine-toothed comb, and touched on Manny Malhotra’s desire to continue his playing career.

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Over at the Death Star, Jonathan Willis considers whether or not it makes sense for the Edmont Oilers to chase Roberto Luongo. Some interesting insight into when Luongo’s effectiveness may begin to deteriorate as a result of age too. [Oilers Nation]

With Alain Vigneault deposed, Tony Gallagher sets his sights on Canucks scouting which hasn’t been nearly good enough according to an article that doesn’t mention Frank Corrado. [The Province]

Daniel Wagner breaks down the betting market on Vancouver’s coaching vacancy where Lindy Ruff is the favorite, which doesn’t seem right… [Pass it to Bulis]

Elliot Pap seems to think that Lindy Ruff will get a phone call (and Lindy Ruff does get a phone call as a result of this piece, but it’s from Elliot Pap). [The Vancouver Sun]

Jason Botchford, meanwhile, explicitly says that Lindy Ruff isn’t even on what I’d assume is the exploratory list of serious candidates. So yeah you can figure out who to believe but I’d mention that the old school Lindy Ruff doesn’t seem to be a particularly good fit with Vancouver’s progressive management team. [The Province]

Rick Bowness joined Don Taylor and Jeff Paterson on the Team 1040 today and talked about being out of a job and his time in Vancouver. Bowness basically said that the Canucks aren’t good enough anymore (not because the team is particularly worse, but because the Kings have got that much better), and also got especially technical when rebutting the notion that the Canucks particularly missed Sami Salo and Christian Ehrhoff this past season. Bowness seems to be particularly proud of how Vancouver’s defenceman stepped up and generated offense (and shots on goal) over the past three years. Listen to the podcast here.

Iain Macintyre gets the low down on the process behind a "coaching search" from none other than Doug MacLean. Hey laugh all you want, but at least MacLean hired Hitchcock. [The Vancouver Sun]

Jim Jamieson catches up with Brendan Gaunce and George Burnett his coach in Belleville. [The Province]

Finally Daniel Wagner with a good piece on Vancouver’s lack of snipers. Spoiler alert: they probably could use an additional sniper, but not at the expense of guys who drive play. [Pass it to Bulis]

Former Canucks defenceman Christian Ehrhoff was rooting for Borussia Dortmund on Saturday, which makes sense (he hails from a town less than 70 km away). It also makes sense because Christian Ehrhoff has played for the Sharks, Canucks and Sabres in his career. Total number of franchise Stanley cups won by teams that have employed Christian Ehrhoff: 0. I bet Ehrhoff is also a huge Cubs fan.