Dustin Brown Grew up a Canucks Fan, Which Explains Everything

Image via wikimedia commons.

Dustin Brown is a first ballot jerk puck hall of famer. He’s the total package: a shameless embellisher and a frequent cheap shot artist who, for whatever reason, has repeatedly pushed the limits of "honourable" play and escaped with an unblemished reputation as a true blue playoff warrior and American hero. There’s no judgement here at this Canucks blog, we have no moral issue with diving and lots of respect for how good Dustin Brown is at it. He’s way better at it, for example, than Ryan Kesler is (both of them dive, but only one of them never gets calls anymore because of it)…

On Monday in a media scrum in Los Angeles, Dustin Brown made a startling admission, albeit an admission that explains pretty much everything about the way he is. Apparently Dustin Brown grew up a Canucks fan. 

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Here’s footage of Dustin Brown’s admission via Mayor’s Manor (click through to 2:57 of the video):

Here’s the transcription:

Q: "Any memories of a great game seven, or backyard memories, or something you saw?"

Dustin Brown: "One memory I have was the ’94 finals. I was a Vancouver fan then, everyone else in my hometown was a Ranger fan. We all know how that turned out"

Q: "How did you become a Vancouver fan?"

Dustin Brown: "By default of everyone else being Ranger fans."

Dustin Brown hails from Ithaca, New York where, yeah, in 1994 I’m sure the locals were smitten with Brian Leetch, and Mark Messier, and Mike Richter, and Alexei Kovalev, and Jeff Beukeboom and… Yeah I should probably stop listing the ’94 Rangers roster now…

But Dustin Brown didn’t root for the home team as a young man. Nope, he’s that contrarian jerk who chooses to root for a team that it makes no sense for him to root for, largely just to bug people. Like that guy who roots for the Habs even though he grew up in the Toronto suburbs, or adopts the Flames just to argue with the kids he goes to school with in Oak Bay, or like that one person who is a Senators fan.

That Brown was a Canuck fan as a young man also is pretty telling. All of a sudden I totally understand why the Kings captain is willing to constantly step on (and occassionally cross) the line as a professional hockey player. Like the rest of us in this fanbase, Dustin Brown is the worst.

Alternatively maybe Dustin Brown isn’t a real Canucks fan. In which case, I suppose we can logically conclude that he’s an anarchist. /rimshot

Sticktap to John Hoven.

  • billm

    Sounds like he was just saying he wanted the Rangers to lose in 1994, not that he grew up an active Canucks’ fan.

    Ithaca is Sabres’ territory, though, as far as I know; not Rangers territory (unless Brown was hanging out with people way older than him). Perhaps the influence of it being a college town with a lot of non-locals…?

  • billm

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  • billm

    Goes to show, another opinion from someone who’s never played professional hockey. They are always the ones who think they know it all! Maynor, Try getting cross checked in the back one time and see if your dumb ass flops a you smuck! Think before you speak, try that for once, it might work out for you! Your an a brown hole!

  • billm

    It’s always the fans/reporters/bloggers, that complain about a player flopping, when their team gets beat by another. These guys have it right, you’ve never played the game. Your game is pushing keys. You see a player that out plays your team and the only thing you can say to discredit him, is he’s a flopper and he has no business being a fan of a non-relevant team. Your thoughts need to be put on a piece of toilet paper in Dustin Browns bathroom. Don’t be mad because the Canucks get beat like Tina Turner. Tip your cap to the guy and say, maybe we should have played harder and not given up like every year in the playoffs. Maybe next year Canuck fans…. Then again, probably not. #DBrownownsyou