• So MUCH love for Yr boy! LOL —

    In the name of Balamce…

    33-35 playoff record
    6-6 in series where they had home ice adv 9 times!GF 2.35 GA 2.72

    -.35GD in those 68 games…
    48 more PK opportunities in those games
    (very undisciplined )
    called out refs by name in public (#dumb)
    Team unprepared for playoffs last two seasons

    **Most talent of any coach in Nux history

    —But still you persist..

    & they call it …”Puppy…Love”….
    “Highschool girls” don’t want to see the truth…

    • Propaganda IS propaganda….

      The failure of yr site to have the courage to provide a balance take on the coach’s actual performance undermines your stated effort to provide innovative thorough objective analysis.
      Your effort IS excellent in so many areas one can conclude that there is simply a blind spot /bias in this case. My reason for commenting is to simply hold your site to the high standard/approach you have set for it.