Afternoon Headshots: May 7th

Really cool, defiant Johnny Canucks versus the Sharks imagery from Derek Toye.
Sticktap to Derek Jory of Fort Nucks for posting this.

Today is gallows humour day at Canucks Army and Dimitri was doing most of the heavy lifting. He previewed tonight’s do or die game four and talked about Zack Kassian and Jason Garrison’s solid performances in this disappointing first round Canucks series thus far. Also Patrick talked about Chris Higgins, a secondary player who needs to step up if the Canucks are going to extend this first round series. 

First up is Pass it to Bulis profiling Roberto Luongo’s sweet Yaletown pad which was just put on the market. Though my sympathy is mitigated somewhat by the swanky digs (even though mo’ money mo’ problems and such) I have to say I feel for Luongo: it pretty much sucks to be a seller on the goalie trade market and the Vancouver real estate market at the moment. [Pass it to Bulis]

Everyone is basically calling for Vigneault’s head so let’s round that up:

  • Head to the Net uses shot differential to argue that Alain Vigneault has recieved too much credit during his time as head coach. The main thrust of Omar’s argument – that Alain Vigneault has been the beneficiary of stellar goaltending for most of his Canucks tenure – is sound. But his method relies soley on total shot differential – so it doesn’t take into account game state, special teams or the percentages – which is a bit sloppy. The argument is also doesn’t take into account personnel changes and relies a lot on anecdotal evidence regarding Vigneault’s "failure to adjust in the postseason" while ignoring AV’s player development record and tactical innovations. [Head to the Net]
  • Harrison Mooney explains why it makes sense to fire Alain Vigneault now (or whenver the Canucks lose this series, assuming they do), even though it didn’t make sense to do so a year ago. [Pass it to Bulis]
  • Tony Gallagher writes his yearly column about how some Canucks players hate Alain Vigneault. Show me the middle manager in charge of 23 extremely well compensated individuals who is beloved by all of his underlyings, and I will show you a unicorn. [The Province]
  • Cam Cole thinks the organizational rot extends well beyond the head coach. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Jason Botchford recaps some of Alain Vigneault’s missteps this postseason. [The Province]

Excellent stuff from Blake Murphy on variance in the postseason. [Nucksmisconduct]

I suppose this is news:

Jeff Angus breaks down Alex Burrows’ nice goal from game three, which was a ray of light amidst the darkness really. [CDC]

I wrote a thing for Vice Canada about the struggle that is Canucks fandom. [Vice]

Sharks coach Todd McLellan totally owns the Canucks over Kevin Bieksa’s diving comments. [Sporting News]

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  • Cale

    Uh, Drance, I love you and all. Seriously, I’d lick your knuckle babies out of a crusty sock. But your piece for was entitled “NO EMBELLISHMENT: CANUCKS FANDOM SUCKS”, wherein you proceded to lightly glaze over the fanbase then spout off on the many things we enjoy spouting off on.

    So what I’m saying is, I’m not sure if you picked the headline then forgot to write a matching article, or you submitted an article but they neglected to give it a proper title, but that post simply didn’t say what it set out to.

  • Cale

    The refs were off last year as well. Vancouver gets twice the penalty calls, and that changes the game. Pretty hard to beat the other teams and the Ref. I don’t know who is behind it, or why. Is it the league? The refs? Weird anyway. I thought it was my own bias but tonight all 4 commentators were saying the same thing. Why would refs organize in such a way? They are supposed to be fair. Is it because of the controversy some years ago with Burrows?
    And is this the reason Burrows is the most penalized player in the league with minor penalties? He plays with an edge, but I would not say he is the dirtiest or meanest.
    I think, if Beckman were not condoning this or directly behind it, there would be an investigation and some refs facing early retirement.