Sunny Afternoon Headshots: May 6th

How many times can you perform an autopsy?

Here at Canucks Army, we’ve found that you can do it at least three and a half times. We’ve got Dimitri Filipovic doing last night’s gamer, some thoughts by Thomas Drance on the notion that the window’s closing on the Sedin/Kesler/Luongo era, a showdown of sorts between the very same Drance and Jeff Angus and a rad podcast where Ray Ferraro and some ex-Vancouver blogger-dudes drop by. 

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In case you still haven’t heard, Kevin Bieksa called out Logan Couture and Joe Thornton for diving. Most are saying it was a diversionary tactic to turn the discussion away from the Schneider/Luongo dynamic, but isn’t it just as likely that Bieksa is trying to draw attention away from his own poor play? Whether it’s his groin or his hip, shouldn’t the real topic be ‘why is Kevin Bieksa playing if he’s not able to do the job?’  Bieksa’s hated around the league, but mostly loved in Vancouver. It’s because he’s so damn good at this stuff. [San Jose Mercury News]

Couture and Thornton both said it’s a bunch of malarkey. Shock. [San Jose Mercury News]

The Battle of California say it’s clear that Bieksa really is a racist. I’d say it makes him more of a culture-ist. [Battle of California]

D-Wags, over at Pass it to Bulis, breaks down the best photo of a Ryan Kesler decapitation that you’ll ever see. Seriously, it’s great. [Pass it to Bulis]

Here’s the sort of thing Drance was writing against: the G-man is saying that blow-up time is upon Canuck-land, that staying the course will only lead to pestilence and obliviion. New leadership group, younger players, the works. Before it’s too late. [The Province]

The Sun’s Cam Cole is a fine writer and he’s in the same boat as Gallagher; it’s time to bail out before the boat sinks. But it’s still narrative-based analysis, of the type we’ve seen so much of in the past. The superficial numbers may be ugly, but here at the Army we still don’t see the process as being dead. It could use a tweak or two for sure; anyway, have a read and see for yourself. [The Vancouver Sun]

Cole also got a lot out of Cory Schneider after game three and points out correctly that goaltending is not an issue for the Canucks, ever after Sunday’s trouncing. [The Vancouver Sun]

Musings by Jim Jamieson over who to start in goal – including a poll – and a few other bits ahead of tomorrow’s game four. [The White Towel]

Alain Vigneault may be maligned by many in this city, but he’s put up results in his seven years in charge. The Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson figures he’s one of the best, even if he is on the hot seat.  He also says ‘start Schneider in game four.’ [The Edmonton Journal]

Fear the Fin has the numbers from the Sharks’ perspective and for Canucks fans, they are ugly. Last night really, really sucked. [Fear the Fin]

Oh look, there’s more. How good were the Sharks last night? FtF rates it as possibly their best performance ALL TIME. Cripes. [Fear the Fin]

Oh and about that receipt up top? Wysh has the deal at puckdaddy. [Puck Daddy]

  • billm

    While I don’t disagree that AV is a good coach, I don’t think he’s a great one.

    He has been given for the majority of his tenure here a very good line up of players. Cup run aside, they haven’t performed in the playoffs. He doesn’t make adjustments and name one time under his tenure the Canucks won a series they weren’t the favorites in. He has has been out coached in the playoffs at some point every year.

    You can blame Gillis for the Louongo fiasco for sure. But Ballard? This is a guy who played top 2 minutes on every team before AV crushed the guy’s confidence and totally misused him. He’s a left side puck moving offensive defenseman who AV puts in the press box everytime he doesn’t play like a Willie Mitchell.

    Garrison is brought in to be the cannon on the power play and instead AV goes with 4 forwards and Edler. You want to stop Palvelski and Couture blocking shots, make them drop infront of a Garrison howtizer.

    Team struggles scoring, lets put Sestito into a series the Canucks are already winning the physical battles in instead of Schroeder.

    Not everything is AV’s fault, but he is not some poor maligned coach who was given a crappy line up then fired when they didn’t go on a deep cup run.