A Look at the Best CBC Pregame Montages

Ray Ferraro, Chris Cuthbert, and the rest of the TSN crew did a phenomenal job calling Game 1. Ferraro is one of the best colour guys in the business, while CBC likely rues the day they let Cuthbert jump ship over to TSN. That being said, we are now missing out on the awesome CBC montages put together before each game.

The music choices are usually phenomenal and work well with the chosen clips. Let’s take a look at some of the best Canuck montages from recent years.

Game 5 Round 2 – Canucks vs. Predators from 2011

Song: Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting by Elton John

Great song, and a perfect one for hockey on a Saturday night (which is why it has been used many times before). The actual game intro had a different song (which you can hear later on in the above clip). The Nashville series gets forgotten a bit relative to the other three rounds (for good reason, of course), but it was gritty, intense, and featured two of the world’s best goaltenders at the top of their respective games.

A long way from home, Mr. Green Man. I particularly liked this video because of the homage it pays to past Canuck playoff teams from 1982 and 1994.

Highlight: Harold Snepsts making an appearance at the 0:10 mark

Game 1 Round 4 – Canucks vs. Bruins from 2011

Song: Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Great music, and CBC did a great job timing the lyrics to the video, too. For my money, this is the best pregame montage they have put together for any game at any time (obviously Canuck fans will get more out of it than fans of most other teams, though).

Highlight: Lyrics of “through every open door” right as Henrik slides a backhand pass through Antti Niemi’s legs over to Burrows. Well done.

Game 3 Round 4 – Canucks vs. Bruins from 2011

Song: Foreplay/Long Time by Boston

Not only is this song incredibly fun to play in Rock Band, but it is one of the only classic rock songs that I actually like (insert hatred comments below). This was one of the last moments of pure joy for Canuck fans during the 2011 run. This was before Aaron Rome hit Nathan Horton, and before the Bruins absolutely thrashed the Canucks in Games 3 and 4. Oh, to be young again.

Highlight: Bobby Orr skating on the Atlantic Ocean. Seriously.

Game 6 Round 4 – Canucks vs. Bruins from 2011

Song: Blow at High Dough by the Tragically Hip

The Hip and hockey, need I say more? OK, Rachel McAdams makes an appearance too. The Canucks had the opportunity to close out the series on this night, but….

These amazing videos are put together by Tim Thompson (who you can find on Twitter @b0undless). 

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