The CanucksArmy Podcast: Episode 2

Canucks grinder Steve Pinizzotto knows what to listen to while eating energy bars.
Photograph by Jeff Vinnick/Behind The Lens

This week, and hopefully into late May and early June, we’ll be brining you wall-to-wall coverage of the Canucks playoff run. So consider this podcast an hors d’oeuvres of sorts.

For the second episode of the podcast we’re joined by CBC‘s Elliotte Friedman, who talks about Vancouver’s defence oriented identity this season and his network’s raw deal on playoff broadcast rights. We’re also joined by correspondent and InGoal magazine editor Kevin Woodley, he gives us an in-depth scouting report on Sharks goaltender Antii Niemi and updates on all things Canucks-goaltending going into the postseason.

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We’re still trying to clear a final few hurdles to get the podcast up on iTunes, so we’re hoping that’ll happen for next week. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

  • Love how everyone thinks LA could repeat this yr. Where have I heard this before? Oh ya, with Boston last yr. Oh ya, and Chicago yr prior. Yes we know LA’s the best puck possession team, but caman Quicks rocking an almost league worst EV SV% and what team has repeated since the 06 lockout. None, just doesn’t happen. It’ll be someone other than LA.

  • while i would never question the incredible work that goes into compiling the entire thing, it would be nice if you would include maybe 2-3 timestamps just separating where the various people start talking. not that the production quality isn’t literally worth its weight in gold…

  • jonomacd

    GOALER! Haha but really as far as 2nd podcasts go that’s one of the best I’ve heard. Elliotte Friedman was absolutely brilliant and he keeps on proving why he’s the most knowledgeable person on TV. Can’t wait for #3.

  • jonomacd

    Hey Thomas, amazing podcast. Not sure why this was happening (or if it was happening for others) but the podcast would freeze every 5-10 minutes and I would have to refresh the page and skip ahead to where it froze, where it would start up again normally. Keep it up, great prep work and vocal/sound quality.