Afternoon Headshots: April 24th

Here’s your 2012-13 Canucks official team photo.
Via @VanCanucks

Busy day at your second (or maybe even your third) favorite Canucks blog. We looked at how the potential deal to bring Vancouver’s newly acquired AHL affiliate to Abbotsford has failed and what other options the Canucks might pursue, we noted that Modo’s new coaching staff has some curious Canucks ties, we reacted to the news of Cory Schneider’s injury, applauded Mike Gillis’s willingness to burn Frank Corrado’s entry-level contract, and updated the myriad of injury statuses for a variety of Canucks mainstays.

Read past the jump for other Canucks news, a sick Canucks .gif and other links.

Roberto Luongo, hero and all around awesome team guy, had this to say to Jim Jamieson regarding Cory Schneider’s excellence: "He doesn’t have any flaws, there is not one way I can see that teams can find a way to beat him. He’s probably one of the best technical goalies in the league. If you’re going to beat him, you’re going to need a lucky bounce." Luongo the best. [The Province]

If you missed this yesterday I wrote about the defensive dominance of the Sedin twins this season. It’s weird, we were debating whether or not the twins had lost a step before the season (I was sure they hadn’t and was totally write while Cam Charron and Dimitri were way wrong) but I don’t think anyone saw this type of two-way improvement coming from the first and second leading scorers in Canucks franchise history. A cool side note, I’ll be writing math-y type takes on a weekly basis for the mothership every week during the postseason, so look for those pieces. []

The Greenmen, Force and Sully, did a Reddit AMA today in which they revealed that they’re both Broadcast Journalism grads, which is kind of a shocking revelation really. [Reddit/r/AMA]

Daniel Wagner gets all ontological on our relatively uneducated asses, breaking down the philisophical impliactions of Cory Schneider’s extraordinarily vague "body injury." [Pass it to Bulis]

Excellent stuff from Jason Botchford on Roberto Luongo’s Thursday start, possibly his last at Rogers Arena, and the opportunity for a fitting and well deserved curtain call. [The Province]

Cool take from Kevin Woodley on Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo and how Vancouver’s elite goaltending tandem have carried the club so far this season. []

Cam Cole thinks Canucks fans need to get over their beef with Duncan Keith which, you know what, I’m totally not prepared to do because he’s pretty much the worst. [The Vancouver Sun]

Speaking of which here’s Duncan Keith’s apology for the way he conducted himself post game on Tuesday. [CP via The Province]

Really detailed analysis of Frank Corrado’s NHL debut on a shift-by-shift basis. [PiTB]

Frank Corrado’s parents are going to fly out to Vancouver to take in their son’s second NHL game. Here’s hoping it’s as impressive as his first. [White Towel]

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Finally let’s finish this post off with this .gif of Daniel Sedin’s lovely breakaway finish against Corey Crawford and the 2013 President’s Trophy champions the Blackhawks (via HSedin):

  • Mantastic

    I saw your write-up on CDC, great article. It’s hard to see sometimes just how good the Sedins are, but even when they aren’t scoring (let’s be honest, not many people are scoring in the western conference either, they’re still tops in the West) they’re providing epic defensive efforts.

    Also, I agree, screw Duncan Keith.

  • Brent

    So how do we access the survey again? I started, got annoyed about it asking me about all the sport equipment i was going to buy and stopped part way through. Now I feel bad…..