CanucksArmy Podcast Episode 1 (Part I)

Grab a pal and listen to the Canucks Army podcast. All the cool Naslunds are doing it!
Photograph by Jeff Vinnick

Hey so here’s a spot of cool Canucks Army news: we’re relaunching our podcast in advance of the postseason!

The plan is drop an episode every week, though we may produce more audio content depending on the ebb and flow of Canucks news. In today’s premiere episode, we’re joined by Vancouver Province beat-writer Jason Botchford, and Sportsnet host and reporter Dan Murphy.

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In part one, Dan Murphy joins us to discuss Vancouver’s injury situation, the team’s identity (or lack thereof), and objective sports coverage in an era of broadcast rightsholders dictating coverage and the sporting news cycle.

Then, twenty-two minutes in, we pass the mic to Jason Botchford who chats about Andrew Ebbett on the third line, the team’s all-in efforts at the trade deadline, and whether or not the Canucks should burn Frank Corrado’s ELC year in the somewhat unlikely event that he proves ready to contribute this season:

Stream Part I here:

Part 1

Or alternatively if you want to download the podcast and listen to it on your iPhone, you can do that here.

Botchford and I chatted for about fifty minutes so I had to split the podcast up and do it in two parts. In "Part II" we covered some Bure stuff, some Luongo stuff and Vancouver’s inability to significantly retool should the team suffer a first round elimination again this spring. Check back a bit later today if you’re interested in all of that (Update: now posted).

One final note, this is our first effort, so we’re eager to hear your feedback. Are there any questions you have that you’d like us to address in a future episode? Also, we’re working on getting the podcast onto iTunes. If you enjoy listening we’ll let you know how you can subscribe once we’ve dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s on that front.