False Alarm Luongo: Luongo Remains a Canucks Goaltender Past the Deadline

To Quote the Strokes: is this it? (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t it. But if you want to relive the conniption that everyone had in the 10 minutes before the trade deadline, click past the jump).

More details from Hosea Cheung:

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The media also apparently doesn’t seem to know whether or not he’s even in the building anymore. 

As Kevin Woodley points out, there’s some actual physical requirements that Luongo has to meet in order to waive his no-trade clause. 

So there’s possibly some very legitimate reasons for the confusion at Rogers Arena at the moment. Certainly looks like he may have been traded before the deadline.

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Iain Macintyre apparently has confirmed that Luongo was taken to the front-office:

If Luongo has been traded, it’s not to Toronto:

And don’t we look silly:

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So it turns out that Roberto Luongo was pulled off the ice for other reasons. Perhaps the team wanted to brief him before he faces a barrage of questions from the media, or whatever. Presumably we’ll get a more detailed explanation of what went down in short order.

  • BrudnySeaby

    The other possibility is that they brought him to the war room to sign the waiver for the NTC, and he said “You want to trade me where?” and nixed the deal.

    Unlikely, given what Luo has said before, but a possibility.

  • JI123

    He is talking to the media now. The “foreshadowing” yesterday just seemed to be nervousness, but not because he needed to go to the bathroom (hence the toilet). He is probably gone in the summer.

  • JI123

    what a debacle, poorly, poorly handled by gillis. Not impressed. Maybe the karmic hockey gods find a way for Roberto to take the canucks to the cup this year.

  • khlhfs

    Gillis has royally screwed this by being too greedy and the way he has dragged this out at the expense of Luongo, whom has been nothing but a class act the whole way, is appalling. Given the way he handled Hodgson I’d say this is getting to be the norm for an organization that conducts itself with zero class on the ice as well as off it. The best part of this is knowing that Luongo will likely be bought out at seasons end. That’ll be great news for Luongo who will then be allowed to sign where he pleases and live out his NHL days without this utter nonsense. As for Gillis and the Canucks, I couldn’t be happier that they are going to lose Luongo for nothing after they “demanded” a first, a prospect, and a roster player for him. Funny how things come around. Karma’s a bitch.

  • And what was Gillman talking about, all in? Torres is not worth a third rounder to the canucks? Like they have an established track record of finding impactfull third rounders in the draft?

    And boy, you don’t want to burn a fourth rounder on a wide body solid d man like O’Byrne. A guy like Patrick McNally or a Jeremy Price will come back and haunt you. Horse bleep.