Afternoon Headshots: March 28th

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, Jason Rickey

And around and around and around we go…it’s an afternoon headshots session. Come in from the sunshine and get yourself set for the big Avs vs Canucks showdown…

Today at CA, we’ve got a game preview, Drance looking back at the Hodgson/Kassian trade, what might be his last Strombabble (small tear) and Angus on the re-signing dilemmas that are Higgins and Lapierre,

So, EA Sports wants you to recreate the Schneids’ shutout of the Kings last weekend. That’s pretty cool, but look at that page again. First of all, they spell Cory as ‘Corey’; second, look at the mask they’ve got on him. That just looks like a bizarre modification of the mask Lu used to wear. Huh. I guess ‘It’s in the game’ just doesn’t mean what it used to. [EA Sports]

Capitals dman Karl Alzner grew up a Canucks fan, but said he’s sad to see Iginla leave Calgary. [CSN Washington]

Good point, Tommi. This is going to be a weird weekend, because this really should be ‘it’…

Dave B of NW Sports Beat does a bettors-breakdown of tonight’s Canucks-Avalanche tilt. [NWSportsBeat]

Puck Daddy’s fantasy weekly has Canucks as both studs and duds today. One isn’t really that suprising, the other is definitely cause for concern (and we’ve written about him before). Hint: they have similar hair… [Puck Daddy]

More Swedes than ever in the building tonight:

The dastardly Harrison Mooney sings the praises of Jordan "Shredder" Schroeder. (What makes Harrison ‘dastardly’? I don’t know, but he *is* from Maple Ridge…) Could he be the third-line centre come playoff-time? [Pass it to Bulis

Steve Ewen of The Province reports that Henrik says the Canucks’ powerplay needs to shoot more. He must’ve gotten around to reading Drance’s piece from three weeks ago. Henrik’s right. [The Province]

Keith Ballard, solution to all the Canucks’ problems, has a fractured foot. Conspirators, unite. [Vancouver Sun]

There’s plenty more to come from CA ahead of next week’s trade deadline, but here’s a taster from Head to the Net about potential targets for the Canucks. There’s a few names in there that we agree on… [Head to the Net]

Canadian Press put together a few best/worst trades for your consideration. The Canucks are in there twice. [The Province]

And, one more time, just for fun, Nick Jensen shoot out goal from last night’s Chicago Wolves win over Oklahoma City… (Drance wrote about this last night)