Afternoon Headshots March 19th

Here’s a Zack Kassian tryptch because why not?
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Today at Canucks Army we recapped Monday night’s loss to the Wild, defended the notion of "staying the course" and previewed Tuesday night’s tilt between the Blues and the Canucks in Vancouver.

If you’re feeling Canuck-y (punk), read past the jump for more Canucks related links and news.

Tony Gallagher rips the goaltending, the power-play and the coaching, of course, in his latest column excoriating the performance of the Canucks over the past fourteen months. "Games are flying by so quickly and the points slipping through their fingers so surely," writes Gallagher, "that making the post-season now is increasingly beginning to look like a long shot."  [The Province]

According to the website the Canucks have a 76% chance of making the postseason (Monday night’s regulation loss to Minnesota dropped their odds down from 83%). 

David Booth’s ankle injury – sustained during a freaky play in the first period of Saturday’s game against the Red Wings – will keep him out of the lineup indefinitely. With Booth’s underwhelming production in twelve games this season, there’s speculation that he might have played his last game in a Canucks uniform. While Booth is certainly a more likely buyout candidate now than he appeared to be back in January, I still don’t think such a maneuver would make much sense. Harrison Mooney doesn’t either. [Pass it to Bulis]

Good stuff from Rob the Hockey guy on Mike Gillis’ merely average draft record. [Rob the Hockey Guy]

Mitch’s plus/minus of the week is always a good read. Needless to say this week gave him lots of material for the "minus" side of the ledger. [Legion of Blog]

The AHL has suspended Adam "son of Libor" Polasek for three games for his role in the epic between the benches brawl between the Chicago Wolves and the Rockford Ice Hogs this past weekend. 

Andrew Ebbett claims that the Canucks’ face-off struggles are rooted in psychology. I think they’re rooted in a lack of NHL qaulity natural centreman down the middle of the lineup who are also six feet tall. But that’s just me (and anyway, face-offs are way overvalued). [The White Towel]

Here’s an odd comment from Alain Vigneault, who according to Jeff Paterson was asked about how this particular group has persevered through adversity in the past:

Man. Already seen the Canucks questioned for their toughness and lack of identity – whatever those things mean. If the losing continues are you prepared for the "chemistry issues" narrative? 

Nicklas Jensen wasn’t ever seriously considered as a recall replacement for David Booth, which isn’t much of a surprise seeing as he’s been in North America for only about ten days or so. Scott Arniel talks to Cam Tucker about his skillset and Jordan Schroeder’s. [Metro News]

That’s it for today. Sort of a light day for Canucks news really, lots of doom and gloom and not much actually being said. If you thought the prevailing tone in Canuckistan was grim today though, just remember that it could’ve been worse if Kevin Bieksa hadn’t recovered himself on this play, narrowly preventing an all-time blooper:

  • I don’t fully grasp what goes into winning and losing hockey games, so I’m going to chalk up the unknowns to something that can’t be quantified, and say you’re copping out when you challenge me on something I’m watching with my own damn eyes.

  • This quote is AV in another desperate attempt to save his own skin?! What a true leader would say is I believe in this team/ We have great leadership/The chemistry is strong. To play this card now IS a clear attempt to win pity at events that have happened. The guy is all about making EXCUSES for himself & his staff & not taking ownership. (like when he checked out without meeting fans/media last yr?!)

    Even if you feel the chemistry is off you don’t go public with it- it sends the wrong message to the team & fans. And, as importantly, IS that it is part of his job description to integrate new players & preserve the chemistry.Chemistry is effected by decisions coaches make how who plays and how much all things in HIS control.

    To deny this is ignorant. Therefore he has admitted that he has failed in this area as well!

    Tick Tick’s only a matter of time when Av is out the door as another overrated coach who rode the coattails of a hot goalie & strong roster.

    After all/ to be considered GREAT one has to be able to do what most others cannot. AV’s inability to correct the ship when it is sinking (average goal tending/few injuries/ bad chemistry) is strong evidence many media & fans were incorrect in their high praise.

    It can be rough going against collective ignorance BUT to be proven right….again LOL
    +615 Nux to miss playoffs at start of year #EasyMoney

  • Guesses egarding Booth’s high ankle sprain

    It is interesting that in a study of NHL players on the St. Louis Blues (1994-2001) and Dallas Stars (1991-2001) {Am J Sports Med. 2004 Dec;32(8):1941-5}, a total of 19 ankle sprains causing lost playing time occurred. I am not sure how many players were on rosters during that time, but in 17 years there were only 19 ankle sprains that caused lost playing time. Such is the Canuck luck this year. Of those 19 ankle sprains,14 were high ankle strains, and the mean time to return to play was 45 days (range 6 to 137 days).

    If Booth’s injury were “unstable,” he would almost certainly have surgery and be gone for 6 months. If the MRI showed the sprain to be “stable,” then it is anyone’s guess as to how long he will take to heal as MRI’s are not prognostic in terms of healing time. He will likely be non weight bearing for 4 to 6 weeks and have a rehab program after that to get strength and mobility back.

    The last game of the season is April 27th which is 6 weeks away. The chances of him being able to play in the first round of the play offs are likely on the low side.