Afternoon Headshots: March 4th

In this particular .gif Jordan Schroeder appears to be a puppet.
Photo Courtesy: SedinTwins.

After a week off, headshots are back! I’m going to change the structure of these posts a bit, and begin by recapping the day that was at Canucks Army. Other Canucks-related links will appear on the other side of the jump. 

It was a big weekend for the Canucks and a busy content weekend for Canucks Army too! We kicked off our Saturday with the Canucks week in quips, considered Jordan Schroeder’s offensive upside and capped the day off by thoroughly enjoying Vancouver’s complete dismantling of the Los Angeles Kings on Hockey Night in Canada. On Sunday we learned more about what goes into cutting a hockey highlight package, pondered whether or not Mike Gillis really knew that Ryan O’Relly would’ve had to clear waivers had the Canucks signed him to an offer sheet, and were underwhelmed by Vancouver’s exhausted performance in Calgary. Today we fleshed out the reasons behind Keith Ballard’s most recent press box stint and marvelled at Cory Schneider’s Vancouver Millionaires mask.

More Canucks links and other fun stuff on the other side of the jump!

Alain Vigneault sounded pretty pissed off about the costly bench minor he was assessed late in the third period of last night’s game. He gave some choice, infuriated quotes to Ed Willes. [The Province]

Jannik Hansen’s wife gave birth to twins (Lucas and Daniel, sure to be backhanded saucer passing mavens twenty years from now) and then Jannik Hansen had a standout game in Calgary. So he pretty much had a three assist Sunday! Brad Ziemer is on it. [The Vancouver Sun]

Pass it to Bulis focuses their lense on Ryan Kesler’s latest Kerlurking exploits, now with more back rubs! [Pass it to Bulis]

The Canucks and Manny Malhotra remain at odds over Mike Gillis’ decision to shut the defensive specialist down. Dhiren Mahiban gets some choice quotes from Malhotra on the issue for the New York Times including this "I knew just having a ‘normal summer’ of training and doing things that I’d done my whole career I’d be able to get back to a place where I felt confidence on the ice… I felt I get got there." Heart wrenching stuff, truly. [New York Times’ Slapshot Blog]

Nice take from The Stanchion covering the Canucks’ long storied history with offer sheets dating all the way back to Petr Nedved. [Legion of Blog]

The Edmonton Oilers traded a mid-round pick for Mike Brown. Cue misguided outrage over the Volpatti waiver misstep in 3…2…1 [TheLeafsNation]

Bure’s Triple Deke have a "Canucks in February" recap up, complete with another fantastic video breakingdown the top-five plays of the month. I can’t say enough good things about this Canucks blog, truly. [Bure’s Triple Deke]

Hockey continues to be underrepresented at the MIT Sloan Conference on applied analytics in sports, though Canucks Assistant General Manager Laurence Gilman attended the conference this weekend, alongside Jonathan Wall and Dave Gagner. [TSN]

Really good stuff from David Ebner, who is quickly becoming a must read Canucks columnist, on how the Canucks will need to lean on the Sedin twins in Kesler’s absence if they hope to escape from a busy month of March with their Northwest Division lead in tact. Obviously the twins were up the task on Saturday, and not so much on Sunday. [Globe and Mail]

I don’t agree with a single word written here, but Kirk Paul sure can write. Here’s his "get rid of Alain Vigneault" rant over at the Brown to Bure blog (fresh content at Brown to Bure? Well tickle me pink with a fucking peacock feather!). [BrowntoBure]

So this is pretty cool. The Canucks have "GoPro" super slow motion camera’s mounted behind the nets this season. Here’s what a Mason Raymond goal looks like, if it were a star on Baywatch: [@VanCanucks]

Finally, if you missed this .gif of Henrik Sedin dangling Kopitar out of his jock – I highly recommend you fix that and check it out.