Evening Headshots – February 20th

You don’t play? You bike!

Somewhat delayed today folks – got caught up earlier and Drance is still trekking home. But never fear, here’s some fun late-evening reading for you…

And no, it’s not all about Jannik Hansen.

Yes, it’s true, Jannik Hansen, suspended for one game. [espn.com]

The suspension serves optics, says Ed Willies. But does it actually carry any influence, he asks. [The Province]

It’s about perspective, says Cam Cole. Or playing a bit more safely. Or the NHL being bizzarely consistent. Or something. Anyway, it’s worth a read. [Vancouver Sun]

Last on Hansen: Kerry Fraser, former NHL referee, known for making tough calls and carry quite the coif, now TSN commentator, chimes in on the Hansen judgment. [tsn.ca]

Guess who just happens to be in Dallas – The Globe and Mail’s Dave Ebner. He reports on defence changes and that they brought their lunches with them from Chicago. [The Globe and Mail]

Jordan Bowman is a jokester. He makes jokes. He also writes about the Canucks. He’s figured what must really make you mad. Check it out [Legion of Blog]

Sean McIndoe gives us the rundown on the seven levels of dirty hockey. There’s a Canuck or two in there. Yes on Bertuzzi, yes on Bure; no on Hansen. [Grantland]

Something called ‘Canucks Club’ is aggregating Canucks contests together. Have a look.

How long ago was it that Lindy Ruff was hired as Sabres head coach? This long (close your eyes, Wyatt Arndt):