Afternoon Headshots: February 18th

Let’s open with Jim Robson’s old "special hello to hospital patients and shut-ins, the pensioners, the blind, all the people who don’t get out to games but still love the great sport of hockey…"

Lots of chatter today about Manny Malhotra (still) and David Booth (no surprise). Click on past the jump!

A quick clip from last night’s broadcast, courtesy youtuber beststopsofnhl:

If not for Herb Dawe, you might have said that Roberto Luongo stole the show, again.

Guess what, Pass it to Bulis wrote about David Booth too. Wagner figures that it’s Zack Kassian who’ll go tumbling down the lineup. [Pass it to Bulis]

Wagner’s sidekick Harrison Mooney wonders whether the Canucks are doing right by Manny Malhotra. Among other things, he looks back to how Nolan Baumgartner was transitioned into coaching but also figures that Malhotra hasn’t accepted the move. [Pass it to Bulis]

Dan Murphy writes down what he knows about Malhotra. He includes one especially useful bit – that the Canucks had assembled video that they felt showed Malhotra was still at risk because of his vision. (I’d figured they would have metrics saying this…) []

Over at Vancouver Observer, Alan O’Sullivan notes that Malhotra’s loss in the faceoff circle will be notable and also takes on some of the ‘isn’t it funny’ conspiracies out there. [Vancouver Observer]

Jordan Clarke writes here sometimes, but he spends most of his time at Nuck Misconduct. This morning, he took a look at Canucks storylines so far this season. [Nucks Misconduct]

Did you catch Wyatt Arndt’s investigative report into the Vancouver Canucks and their beards? Go read it, it’s furry-good time. [Legion of Blog]

At, our own Jeff Angus interviews Zack Kassian’s trainer. []

It’s from Friday, but TSN’s Scott Cullen figures Roberto Luongo should be rated as the third best goalie in the NHL at the quarter pole. []

And to finish, a couple tweets to stir the Lu-pot