Afternoon Headshots: February 13th

Pretty Much the Funniest Canucks Jersey Ever.
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Daniel Wagner breaks down Mikko Koivu’s thieving of Alex Burrows’ glove during Tuesday night’s game between the Canucks and the Wild. It’s the second glove related incident between the two teams over the past two seasons, so I guess it’s fair to say that there’s no glove lost between these two teams! Heyo! [Pass it to Bulis]

Jason Botchford rightly sings Henrik Sedin’s praises, even though Vancouver’s captain didn’t tie Markus Naslund’s franchise points record in Tuesday night’s game. [The Province]

Our boy Jordan Clarke thinks you’re a stone cold dummie if you’re leaving Roberto Luongo off of your hypothetical Team Canada roster for the Sochi Olympics. Obviously Jordan is 100% correct. [Nucksmisconduct]

The Southsiders (a raucous, merry band of Whitecaps supporters) were present at Tuesday night’s Canucks game, and several of their members were given the boot for being too loud and standing in their seats. Over at EightySix Forever, they’re outraged. [EightySix Forever]

A Redditer who was sitting in the same section as the Southsiders had this to say about the experience, "These guys [the Southsiders] have not sat down once, they have the worst seats in the house. They have been singing and chanting non stop and they have made our entire section alive. These are the kind of fans we need more of!" Yep. [/r/Canucks]

Ed Willes has a nice piece on Keith Ballard, with some pretty touching (and textbook) Kevin Bieksa quotes at the end. How good is it to be reading a plethora of Ballard redemption takes this season, by the way? [The Province]

Iain Macintyre on the moribund Northwest Division, in which the Canucks haven’t faced a worthy competitor in years and years. For what it’s worth, I remain pretty confident that the Edmonton Oilers are a playoff team. [Vancouver Sun]

Joe DeLessio on how Roberto Luongo is thriving as one half of Vancouver’s absurdly talented goalie platoon so far this season. [Sports on Earth]

Custom Vancouver Canucks themed Xbox controller? Custom Vancouver Canucks themed Xbox controller. Follow the link and you can actually purchase it, which you should probably do because it’s pretty sweet. [Youtube]

Finally, some exciting news from Bob McKenzie on Ryan Kesler:

Everything is coming up Milhouse.

  • antro

    I’m surprised to hear that you still think Edmonton is a playoff team. I never bought the hype on them this past summer and I don’t expect them to be a playoff team this year. The main reasons are (relative to the rest of the western conference) weak defense, weak goaltending and competition. I would argue that Vancouver, St. Louis, Chicago, San Jose, Nashville, Detroit, Anaheim and LA (8 teams) all either play a better team game or have a deeper roster than Edmonton. Even Minnesota arguably has as talented a roster as Edmonton and I think we can all agree that Minny has better netminding. I don’t know, I used to hate Edmonton when they were good but they’ve sucked for so long I’d kinda like to see them back in the playoffs again if only to cheer against them but I’ll be surprised if its as soon as this year. There are just too many good teams in the west.