Evening Headshots: February 6th

Luongo Tebowing after shootout wins is the only good thing about shootouts.

Brad Ziemer talks to Canucks skaters about adjusting to life on the road without their old roommates (the newly agreed upon CBA stipulates that players get their own rooms unless they’re on an entry-level deal). Come for the cute stories, stay for the Kevin Bieksa/Ryan Kesler Burt and Ernie photoshop. [The Vancouver Sun]

Tony Gallagher talks about the importance of having Ryan Kesler return only when he’s in full health, and is physically able to be the player that he was in 2011. Obviously Tony is completely right, but let’s not buy in whole hog on the "Ryan Kesler in 2012 was chopped liver" narrative. Kesler was still one of the games better two-way players, even towards the end of the season when he was rather clearly inhibited by an injured shoulder. [The Province]

Also Ben Kuzma gets an update on Ryan Kesler’s injury status from the man himself. Money quote:

“The wrist gets achy once in a while, but nothing out of the ordinary. The shoulder is the biggest thing. I have to make sure it’s 100 per cent and the range of motion is there, but strength isn’t there at all. Once we get home, I’m really going to hammer that and take it day by day.”

Is there anything professional hockey players don’t take day-by-day? Anyway, it doesn’t quite sound like Kesler is all that close but I still wouldn’t be shocked if he was back in the lineup by Saturday. [The White Towel]

By the way, in case anyone cares, Cory Schneider will get the start on Thursday night against the Minnesota Wild. Anybody? Helllo!! [Twitter]

Harrison Mooney digs up a video of Zack Kassian plugging five dollar footlongs for Subway back in his Windsor Spitfire days. So wait, you’re telling me that Zack Kassian can’t act? Cue up the Todd Bertuzzi comparisons. [Pass it to Bulis]

Pivotting off of Roberto Luongo’s overtime save of a Taylor Hall penalty shot in Monday night’s game, Cam Charron throws a wetblanket on over-time penalty shots, and argues that coaches ought to be able to opt for a two minutes four-on-three power-play in that situation. [Legion of Blog]

Our pals over at Canucks Hockey Blog are giving away two tickets to an event at which you (yes you) could skate with the Canucks. [CanucksHockeyBlog]

Jim Jamieson profiles Mississauga’s Steve Pinizzotto, who is almost healthy again. If he can finally wrestle off fate, who doesn’t seem to want him to make his NHL debut, he might be able to get into the Canucks lineup. I tend to think that Pinizzotto is every bit as capable of playing eight minutes a night, bugging opponents and finishing his checks as Aaron Volpatti is. [The Province]

Finally, Chloe Ezra has made some adorable Canucks stickers and is going to sell them. Chloe is kind of the best and unsurprisingly her Canucks stickers are pretty fucking amazing. But can someone tell me which one is Kevin Bieksa? Is it the one with the angry face?: