See you folks!

Well, folks. It’s time to go.

I’ve spent three and a half wonderful years yelling and cheering and bitching and complaining. I’ve loved every bit of it. But it’s time for me to hang up my big-boy blogging pajama pants.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to do it anymore. Several changes, all positive, in my professional and personal life, have made it impossible for me to keep writing. It’s good news for me and probably better news for you, as you won’t be subjected to my ridiculous nonsense any longer. At least in blog form.

It has been awesome having an outlet and a platform to vent, analyze, and throw out ideas about the Canucks. I’m so glad that you folks took the time to read my posts, and comment on them, whether you agreed with me or not. Probably my favourite thing about posting to CanucksArmy was responding to comments. I know that sounds bizarre, but I felt proud knowing that someone read my post and took the time to post something about it., even if it was to call me an ignorant a-hole.

I’m grateful to a lot of people who helped me out and let me be here for 3 ½ years.

Thanks to Wanye Gretz for bringing me into the Nation Network to get CanucksArmy off and running.

Thanks to Kent Wilson for being such an accessible, yet tyrannical and despotic ruler.

Thanks to Patrick, Cam, Jeff, Marda, PB, and Dmitri for being such excellent, entertaining, and informative writers.

Thanks to Mike Duco for playing along. You’re a great sport (can somebody sign this guy already?).

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Thanks to EVERY ONE of you who ever read one of my posts. And an even bigger thank you, if you commented on one of my articles, no matter what you had to say to me.

And the biggest thanks of all to Thom Drance for taking CanucksArmy and turning into what it is today. When I started blogging here, CA had approximately eight regular readers. Thom’s hard work and dedication to the site have turned into one of the most popular Canucks blogs in the smylosphere. He’s a number crunching whiz and an incredibly dedicated and passionate blogger. The difference between Thom and I is that I wrote for CanucksArmy, whereas he *IS* CanucksArmy.

I’m still hanging out on Twitter, so let’s stay in touch, k?

Thanks, you guys.