14 Cute Things That Support the Canucks on Instagram

Image Via @ObiwanJennobi

So, at this point the NHL Lockout is driving me nuts. Without hockey games to analyze, line-combinations to explain, hot-streaks to debunk and unfair criticisms of Alain Vigneault to shit on – I’m left scraping the bottom of the barrel to manufacture blog content. Today’s post arguably represents my lowest point (but realistically the lockout is only 70 days old, so I still have plenty of time to go even lower).

There are now more daily users on Instagram than there are on Twitter, and for the most part, people use Instagram the way Twitter’s critics suggest Tweeters use Twitter (by which I mean that Instagram is 80% pictures of food).

For Canucks fans, Instagram appears to be used primarily to share photos of them meeting their favorite player, photos of their newest Canucks gear, of them and their friends cheering on the team, or to take pictures of weed with a Canucks lighter vaguely included in the photo. And all of these photos are shared with the hashtag: "#Canucks."

My favorite type of "#Canucks" tagged Instagram photo, however, are the photos from pet owners dressing their pets, children and snowmen up like real people. So I decided to curate the best, of the best cute Canucks supporters on Instagram. Enjoy!

13. Little Canucks Fan in Moose Toque goes Grocery Shopping!

This photo was shared by Instagrammer @hyacinthsuzuki and features their nephew, adorned the most Canadian gear imaginable, in the shopping cart kids seat at Costco. It’s pretty precious.

12. Cold Dog in Canucks Sweater

@ernie143 uploaded this photo of their freezing cold dog in a Canucks weater, and it’s fricking adorable. It’s quite fitting that this puppy was cold because its tweety-bird eyes, for whatever reason, remind me an awful lot of the squirrel in Ice Age.

11. Sevens is Ready!

"Sevens," this squee-worthy pup belonging to Instagram user @JenQuynh can’t wait for the 2012-13 NHL season to start. Sadly at this rate, he’ll be waiting, and waiting and waiting… Which is a travesty because look at his little face!

10. Kid hugs former Canucks Defenseman Pooh Bear

What’s more adorable than teddy bears? Babies. What’s more adorable than babies? Babies hugging teddy bears. That’s just science, folks.

In this photo from @rack_citychick, "Gracie" hugs her pooh bear, and her pooh bear is sporting the West Coast Express era crimson and navy Canucks sweater. One would’ve expected Winnie to be a Jets fan considering his origins, but when the team moved he adopted the Manitoba Moose and with them their parent club the Vancouver Canucks. Even with the Jets returning to his hometown, Winnie has tuck with his new team and we applaud him for making the right decision.

9. Silly Little Pug Mistakes Handtowel for Blanket

D’awww it’s a pug sleeping with a Canucks blanket… Wait a minute, that’s not a real blanket, that’s a hand-towel. Oh my goodness that little pup is TINY! D’awww… (Image via @mishbrow).

8. Pimp Snowman is a Canucks fan

Instagrammer @bergie8 misses the snow, and her team – so she recently uploaded this classic photo prominently featuring her "too-cool-for-school" Canucks fan snowman, two adorable spaniels and presumably herself. 

Personally I find snowmen cute, especially when they’ve got a lopsided, indifferent smile and bro sun glasses. And anyway, those two spaniels clinch it.

7. Photogenic Little Guy

On first glance one might think this a standard "cute pet wearing Canucks gear" photo. But because of this pups human like eyes and professional model quality pose – it’s so, so much more than that.

How does one train a dog to look alluringly over their shoulder like that? Via @Dimssum

6. Best Friends

This is an example of what Vancouver riot police refer to as "the cavalry." Not really, but cute kid riding cute dog wearing a Canucks jersey? That’s a slam dunk inclusion on this list.

5. This Dog Gets All of the Ladies

This grumpy looking gus was apparently just chilling during the 2010-11 playoff run and garnering a fair bit of attention. The photo was uploaded by @Shawna_Noel who commented on the photo (in a conversation with a friend) that: "remember this dog? Haha that guy could of gotten any chick because his damn dog was soo cute."

So let this be a lesson to you men, always fish with furry, adorable, wrinkly-faced dynamite.

4. Just Call me Roary Fitzpatcat

This little cat finishes higher up on this list than it otherwise might because of the variety of its poses here. In the first photo it’s all business, lazily lying around on the ground but with that hint of "I could pounce on something if I wanted, I just don’t feel like it" attitude typical of housecats. In the second photo it’s just lying on its back looking for a hug, and fuck me if that isn’t cute as hell.

Now the only question is which West Coast Express era Canuck skater most resembles this kitten? Is it Meowrkus Naslund, TrevPurr Linden or Trent Katt? Via @SamularWilson.

3. Little Fin’s Halloween

Via @bondiecamozzi, a picture of a dear little boy, dressed up as baby Fin for halloween. The costume is unreal, and the look of the kid’s "check out my pimp Halloween custome" glee in the photo on the right makes this photo over-the-top charming. On the other hand, in the photo on the right, I’m worried that he’s flashing a gang sign…

2. Canucks Boxer.

Maybe I’m biased because I absolutely adore Boxers, but I can’t imagine a better looking pup and I appreciate the way he’s wearing the early-90s Canucks spaghetti logo the wrong way around (so that his back is emblazoned).

Also look at those sweet, blood-shot eyes and his frowny little face… My goodness what an awesome animal. Via @tilton93.

1. Baby Hef: a big Canucks fan.

They make Canucks bathrobes? I’m so very, very jealous of this little kid’s hockey blogger attire. Via @Robinacko.