The SYAE Podcast: Gettin’ Geeky With Cam Charron

Numbers are not something that you should be afraid of. Here at Canucks Army, we pride ourselves on our ability to use underlying statistics in conjuction with the "eye test" in an attempt to most effectively understand what we’re seeing on the ice. Despite what your days in high school and university may have left you believing, numbers are your friend. There’s no reason to fear them.

In this edition of the podcast, Cam Charron and I discuss a medley of topics surrounding the Vancouver Canucks while dabbling in advanced stats to reinforce our point of view. We take an in-depth look at the Sedins and whether they have or haven’t shown signs of decline, and potential returns for Roberto Luongo in a trade involving the Toronto Maple Leafs. We also discuss Chris Tanev and Dylan Reese, which should have been expected.

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Cam Charron

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