Headshots September 13th

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Daniel Wagner figures out that essentially every single Canuck would be eligible to play in the KHL if there were to be an NHL lockout. At this point, it’s fair to say that the KHL is as open to handing out roster spots to NHL players as Dale Tallon is to handing out four-year contracts.

Donald Fehr and the NHLPA held a press conference today, with the sole purpose being to give us exactly zero new information. It wasn’t a complete lost cause, though. Below is a screenshot from Justin Bourne, and the Backhand Shelf blog. I’m not sure what made me laugh harder – Ruslan Fedetenko randomly creeping in the background, or the abomination that is the top of Ryan Getzlaf’s head.


In case you’re trying to wrap your head around what is actually happening during this entire process, James Mirtle brilliantly broke it all down. I’m no good at math, and even I was able to understand it.

It’s September 13th, and when there’s no actual hockey to be excited about, you’re forced to settle for the lesser things. Which is why I am deliriously excited to pass along the news that the Canucks have signed defenseman Evan McEneny, of the Kitchener Rangers (OHL). He was limited to only two games this past season, after injuring his ACL. All jokes aside, it’s a worthwhile low-risk move, especially given the Canucks’ penchant of uncovering hidden gems. Plus, it provided Thomas Drance an opportunity to do what he does best – force a terrible(ly hilarious?) pun down our throats.

Bob McKenzie dropping knowledge break! As Bob tweeted out this morning, the Canucks placed a few players that you may, or may not, be familiar with on waivers this morning. The one name you know for sure is Andrew Ebbett, who at times last year had somehow found his way onto the second unit power play (things were indeed that dire). All of this is a formality, though, to allow them to play for the Chicago Wolves for as long as the lockout drags on.


In case you’re wondering who the others are, close your Google search engine, and let The Stanchion fill you in

Wait, you thought I was going to let you go without any mention of Roberto Luongo? I thought you’d know better by now. With Luongo arriving back in town for the charity golf tournament yesterday, and Mike Gillis appearing on the Team 1040 with Matt Sekeres and Blake ‘Can Mason Raymond Be Locked Out of the NHL for Life?!’ Price, a lot was going on. And by a lot, I really mean nothing, because absolutely nothing has changed. I just thought you’d like to know.

Last, but surely not least, our very own Patrick Johnston will be appearing on CBC Radio at 7:50AM tomorrow morning, talking lockout. Make sure to check him out on your morning commute!