So You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

According to Jason Botchford, who was chatting with Mike Gillis today when he tweeted about Doan and the two Alexes, the Canucks still believe they’re in on the indecisive mythical beast known as Shane Doan

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While the Glendale Interim City Manager was hoping to get the agreement with Jamison completed this morning, the scenario remains farfetched.

Still, there have been some positive signs for the prospective Coyotes sale this week. The City of Glendale is working on restructuring the terms of the arena lease, and recently set aside 10 million dollars in their budget to cover "arena operation" fees. But this particular sale remains uniquely complicated and by way of Sarah McLellan of AZCentral Sports, we can infer that the deal isn’t expected to be completed by Doan’s Saturday "deadline":

Thanks to Jamison’s troubled attempt to purchase the Coyotes and Doan’s "drop dead" September 15th deadline, the Canucks think they’re "still in" this derby. They’ve also apparently tabled an offer that, again according to Botchford, would pay Doan somewhat less than the contingent deal Doan has in place with the Coyotes…

All of this is great. But I suspect that all it serves to do is make it that much more heartbreaking when Shane Doan decides to waive the, "contingent on the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to Greg Jamison" clause in the deal he recently agreed to, and stays put in Arizona in spite of the lingering uncertainty. 

  • puck-bandit

    I would not buy a used pencil from Bochford, let alone believe anything he says, so more hearsay on the Doan front. Mike Gillis said it well today; what if this, and what if that?
    The Networks are getting geared up for a new year, we have Hockey Central back, and tons of speculation as to where the remaining players are going to end up, Lou for one?
    So now what? I’m ready for Hockey, and the parties are not.
    I think we may have to approach HNIC and see if they will televise a weekly road hockey game.