Headshots September 10th

Daniel Sedin practicing with his teammates today at UBC.
Barring a miracle, the whole operation gets shuttered on Saturday.
Photo Credit: David Ebner.

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day’s freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you’ve written a blogpost, produced a tribute video, birthed a clever .gif into existence, or have a hockey related cause you’d like to see promoted in this space – please e-mail Thom at thom.drance@gmail.com.

Jason Botchford drops some interesting side notes (like the Canucks being in on Rick Nash) in his "Canucks are likely to miss out on Shane Doan" take from yesterday. Botch is significantly more optimistic than I am about prospective Coyotes owner Greg Jamison’s ability to actually secure the requisite financing to buy the embattled Glendale club.

Friendly reminder: captain Henrik Sedin will be appearing at Metrotown this evening for the launch of EA’s new NHL 2013 title.

Harrison Mooney, one of the big babies behind rival Canucks blog Pacifier to Bulis, profiles a recent Canucks pump up video titled "Playing Leapfrog with a Unicorn." Well okay then. The "pump up video" is basically just six minutes of the Canucks mercilessly pummeling their northwest division patsies opponents.  Here’s an alternate, shorter version of the video (hint: the Krusty Hamburglar is the Flames, Wild, Avalanche and Oilers):

The Stanchion pulls off a coup of sorts, appropriating PiTB’s official womens road hockey team – the Wellwoods – for his own dastardly charitable purposes. Is this the first shot fired in an eventual blog war? Stay tuned (and donate to the Wellwoods!).

Excellent Tweet Break: earlier on Monday afternoon, the Sporting News’ Jesse Spector began an "#NHLSchool" hashtag that resulted in Lulz being had (or at at least, Lulz were had for fifteen minutes until the jokes ran out of steam and became mind-numblingly lame). Friend of the blog Annie May nailed it:

Of course, so did Luongo:


Tony Gallagher suggests that maybe NHL players would benefit from doing away with the NHLPA all together. Sounds good for the Sidney Crosbys of the world, but I’m not sure how the David Steckels would fare. Actually I’m pretty sure they’d fare horribly.

Good stuff from J.J Guererro – complete with excellent Independence Day photoshop – breaking down what really matters to both the NHL and the NHLPA. Yep, it’s all about the (Tom) Benjamins.

Nucksmisconduct’s "Canucks Goalie Mask" bracket is nearing its penultimate conclusion. You can now vote in the quarter-finals (Luongo’s mask versus Johan "the Moose" Hedberg’s mask). Also, check out NM"s swanky new re-designed logo. Now that’s sure to be a good looking hockey blog.

Finally, Luongo nemesis Dustin Byfuglien was recently photographed looking chunky (again). Our pal Cam Charron digs into his trusty copy of Moneyball to explain why Byfuglien’s unique body type has little to do with his on-ice effectiveness.