Doan’s Camp Likely to “Get Aggressive” Next Week, Canucks on the Shortlist

Shane Doan has been extraordinarily patient with the money-losing Phoenix Coyotes, a club without an owner that he’s captained for the past decade. According to Doan’s agent Terry Bross, his client may decide to pursue other opportunities with a greater degree of seriousness beginning tomorrow if a new ownership group isn’t in place. To quote Bross, who appeared with on David Pratt’s CKNW show "Sports Talk" on Wednesday night in the 9 PM PST slot, Doan has, "been told [the ownership situation] should be resolved by Friday, if it’s not then the writing could be on the wall."

The Canucks are one of the many teams interested in acquiring the rugged, 36 year old "power-forward", which, we’ve known for a while. According to Bross they’re also among a smaller group of clubs who would qualify for Doan’s "short-list." 

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Bross’ comments yesterday were exciting, but the smart money is still on the Canucks losing out on Shane Doan’s services. After all, the perennial twenty goal scorer has been rumoured to be headed just about everywhere this offseason

On the talks between the Canucks and Shane Doan thus far, Bross assured Pratt that, "[Doan and I] have had constant contact [with the Canucks], there’s been great communication back and forth." He then added that, "[The Canucks are] definitely a team with interest in Shane, and we’re going to explore that opportunity."

Of course, they’ll only "explore that opportunity" if the ownership transfer to Greg Jamison isn’t finalized on Friday, when it *was*due to be. That particular situation, however, remains volatile – to say the least. From the Phoenix Business Journal [S/T Puck Daddy]:

"Jamison has not yet disclosed who his financial partners are or how he is coming up with the money. Jamison is the former CEO of the San Jose Sharks and he quietly became co-owner of a minor league hockey team, the Bay Area Seals, in June. The sports executive has experience managing and running arenas, but he needs investment money to buy the team. That has proven complicated with Jamison relying on multiple investors, and perhaps financing avenues, to try to close the deal. That includes some international and Middle Eastern money. There have been discussions with a Saudi investment group about a stake in the Coyotes. The continued delays with the Jamison purchase increase the odds of the NHL running the team one more year in Glendale."

So the situation in Phoenix, unsurprisingly, remains a fluster cuck. Based on the ownership situation and Bross’ increased urgency, ("training camp is only a month away!" he exclaimed on CKNW), the possibility of Doan looking for a new club over the next couple of weeks is very real at this point. If the situation isn’t resolved, expect Doan’s camp "to get real aggressive and take this to the next step," in terms of more serious discussions with prospective teams. Explains Bross, "at some point it’s time to fish or cut bait."

Even if Mike Gillis and company win the Doan sweepstakes, the Canucks will have to seriously overpay for the most coveted unrestricted free-agent remaining on the market. Bross told Pratt that "Anyone who knows Shane knows that [his decision isn’t] just going to be dictated by money," but there’s no doubt that it will be a major determinative factor in where he ends up – along with the opportunity to win, and the overall "fit" on a personal level of course.

Also, because any long-term deal the Canucks might hypothetically sign with Doan would be of the 35+ variety, the team would be taking on a good deal of risk. The risk may be worth it, however, when you consider that Doan, like Liam Neeson’s character in Taken, has a unique set of skills. He also seems to be the type of person and player the Canucks are willing to invest in.

Overpaid or not, there’s no denying that the presence of Shane Doan could make Vancouver’s already deep forward group significantly more formidable…

  • puck-bandit

    Funny how their always has to be at least 1 child that comes on here to slam one of the better teams in the league. Then again; if I cheered a bottom feeding, we got the 1st pick again, I would be doing the same.
    Grow up! Learn how to become objective, not act like a fooo

  • KleptoKlown

    If Terry Bross sold used cars, I could see a blind man driving a ’77 Pinto. Bross is earning his fee on this contract.

    Some team is going to pay north of 6 million for Doan(assuming it’s not the Coyotes) and at a 3 or 4 year term. I sure hope the Nucks don’t bite that bait. I would love to see Doan on the Canucks, he would fit perfect and could be that missing piece. However, the contract has to make sense. Unfortunalty, logic is something that that escapes a select few GMs these. They try to win right now, and don’t think about how screwed the team is in the long term.

    Ps: Don’t feed the trolls, they stick around longer when there is free eats. It’s the reason they live in the mothers basements into there 40s.