Tanner Glass Almost Returned to Vancouver…

That the Canucks were in on fourth-line winger Tanner Glass, and that they nearly landed him comes to us via the News1130Sports twitter account, which, has been absolutely crushing it of late.

Tanner Glass was a reliable fourth liner, and a good soldier during his Vancouver Canucks tenure. During the 2010-11 postseason, however, he was injured and became something of a liability on the Canucks toothless fourth-line.

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Despite two seasons of quality service, and much love from the blogosphere for his Scrabble prowess, and inhuman ability to beat up on bears, what Tanner Glass will be most remembered for in Vancouver, unfortunately, was this massive whiff in the Stanley Cup Finals:

Tanner Glass chose to sign in Pittsburgh instead for a two year deal with 1.1 million annually, and good for him. We wish him the best and are kind of upset that he didn’t return to the Canucks. Hopefully he can have enough playoff success to make everyone forget about that particular, ignominious whiff…

  • Michael

    This revelation concerns me. First of all, why would they go back to Glass after his no so great consistency in Van? Are they desperate? And lastly, he turns them down?

    Canucks not having any luck re-cruiting player last summer, or thus far. Hopefully things change, Does no one want to be on this team? Presidents Trophy anyone?