Best and Worst Dressed At The NHL Awards Show

Photoshop by the wonderful Annie Mae.

The NHL awards are always a treat! That is if you like jokes so bad that celebrities apologize for having to say them out loud, or otherwise they thank you for laughing. At least they took out Jay Mohr and replaced him with Will Arnett – a massive upgrade. That’s like going from a worn Men’s Warehouse suit to a fresh Armani.

Honestly, the NHL should hire me to write jokes and work as a fashion correspondent. I’d clear my schedule completely.

With that in mind, follow me past the jump for my favourite yearly tradition: hockey players in suits at the NHL awards show!

A Dashing Older Gentleman…

Ken Hitchcock looks like a soothing uncle figure that would officiate your wedding and write a lovely original poem for you for the reception, and then have a few too many mint juleps and do the Carlton dance. Actually, I have a total "nice old man" thing going for Ken Hitchcock now…

Mixed Results…

This is a hit and miss look. While Max Pacioretty’s suit says handsome French millionaire, the tie says: “I’m a freshman at an engineering mixer.”

I’m not sure if you caught Max and his lovely wife together last night but their mutual attractiveness was so great you couldn’t stare directly at them. It was like a solar eclipse.

Ask Jeeves…

I dig the black tie, but the jacket lapels scream: “I’m a butler of some renown.”

A Deer in Fashion’s Headlights…

The Nuge is cute and all but I can’t help feeling like he mailed it in.

It’s like he picked up the 20 year old rookie hockey player catalogue and threw a dart at a suit, then bought it. He can get away with it this year because he has the fresh face of a baby swan, but as he becomes a grizzled vet – he’ll have to step it up.

Let’s chalk this up to a rookie mistake.


Wow. I mean wow.

Honestly, when I get talking about the suits Henrik Lundqvist wears, and the way he wears them, I feel the way Glenn Healy must when he talks about goalies, or the Rangers, or New York Rangers goalies.

It’s pretty clear that this is not this Swede’s first rodeo. I’m pretty sure Lundqvist is a Disney Prince come to life, and baby deer sewed this suit for him (while singing), because otherwise how is he so damn twinkly and handsome?

Best in the West (but Lose the Vest)…

Mostly I’m just thrilled that he shaved off his: “I could be found in a true crime video with my face blacked out” playoff facial hair.

I love the vest generally as a nice change of pace but it doesn’t quite suit his frame. I just don’t think it works. That said, while I try to be unbiased, I must admit that I want Dustin Brown to step on a thumbtack. Or have his favourite show wiped off the DVR.

Flashing Some Pink

I love Erik Karlsson’s choice to embrace the pink.

Karlsson looked tre kroner dashing last night. I feel like Karlsson needs to be in a buddy cop comedy with Alexander Skarsgard stat. They could spend every scene navigating the Swedish countryside, looking crazy handsome and rescuing puppies. Who wouldn’t watch that?

Two-Way Heartthrob

Gabriel Landeskog won the Calder trophy, mostly because he was the most "complete" rookie player in the NHL this past season. His complete game extends to suit wearing as well. This is impeccably tailored and the pocket square seals the deal.