The Good, The Bad, and the Canucks Connection

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This is a weekly feature that will highlight The Good, The Bad and The *fill in the blank* exciting things that are currently happening in the NHL. The Finals are here! (Good) All the teams that were actually good during the 82 game regular season, are not even contenders (Bad) Let’s see if there will be more than five games played before a champion is crowned.

The Good:

The Finals are finally here! This means that we are that much closer to seeing the Canucks playing hockey again. Yes, that is about as good as it gets for me. I honestly didn’t think that it would be the New Jersey Devils advancing in the East to face off against the LA Kings in the final showdown for NHL’s Holy Grail. I was secretly hoping that it would be the New York Rangers, only so that the coaches from the 2004 Final could have a rematch. Also because the Rangers had something in common with the Canucks: they were both number one seeds coming into the playoffs. The Rangers could have potentially been the toughest opponent for the Kings to to have faced. Plus they have a Vezina nominee, Henrik Lundqvist. But no, it’s the Devils that are next in line to be assassinated by Kopitar and crew, even though their goalie, Martin Brodeur, is a multiple recipient of the Vezina Trophy.

Does anyone think the Devils even stand a chance? The Kings have been specialists at destroying teams in these playoffs. The sixth seeded Devils bring little intimidation when you’ve already beaten the first, second and third seeds, all in five games or less. We will most certainly witness a franchise winning a Stanley Cup for the first time. This is good because it will help with visualizing the Canucks’ future.

The Bad:

The team that will win the Stanley Cup this year will not be the Canucks. Even though enough time has passed and I should be over my lofty and idealistic dream, I am not. I really thought that this was their year and I hate being wrong. You know what else is wrong: EA’s NHL predictions. Last year the famous EA sports simulation showed us all images of the Vancouver Canucks winning and raising the Cup over their heads. I believed in you EA! You were smarter than humans and their emotions and their frailty. You were smarter than seawalls and pumping tire comments and concussions and broken backs. None of that mattered to you, so it didn’t matter to me. And you know what, you broke my heart EA. We all know how last year ended and you were WRONG!

This year, the EA NHL Simulator predicted that that the Stanley Cup champions would be the Pittsburgh Penguins, that was back in October. Oh look EA, wrong again. Then the other day the genius computer came out with another premonition: The LA Kings will be the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions and it will take them 6 games to do it. Well, last night they ticked off yet another Game One win. Wait, could EA be right about this? Personally I think this series should go to 7 games because it’s just not fair for the Kings to have it so easy. They have to suffer at some point. It was harder for them to make it into the playoffs than it has been playing through them. Winning a Stanley Cup should not be this effortless. They are an eight seeded team and no eighth seeded team has ever won a cup before. They way that they have been breaking records though, I am pretty sure that the Kings are about to make history.

And The Canucks Connection

It’s been a very strange playoff run. We are left with two teams in the Finals who have suffered minimal injury getting here it seems, the Kings and the Devils. And while they both have their star players and goal scoring Captains, there are a couple of familiar faces on each bench. The Canucks connection (look for good where you can) sees two former Canucks players face off on opposite ends of the rink; Steve Bernier with the Devils and Willie Mitchell for the Kings. So while the Canucks will definitely not be Stanley Cup champions this year, at least one of two former Canucks, will be. And at least it won’t be someone we hated.

  • puck-bandit

    And so if one, meaning me, had a choice of who will win the Cup it is New Jersey all the way. Although I turned it off last night, too boring for my diet, common sense tells me that LA is going to win hands down. I am not a Willie Mitchell fan, but always liked Steve Bernier, just knew he had more but struggled to find it.

    We have endured years of not even making the playoffs, but we have also been teased for the past 4 years, last year hurt in the biggest way possible. I still bare resentment that we are not in the finals, and of course forget it’s a game. How many sleeps until camp?
    How could anyone believe that EA Sports can predict a game, or the outcome of a series. I would be more inclined to have faith in a Squid, at least it is part of the biological world.
    And lastly; rumors are flying that Luongo signed with the leaf’s today. Any merit in this? No news is bad news…

  • puck-bandit

    Who cares about Luongo,good luck to anyone dumb enough to take luongo, they are gonna need it. Although, he has his AV. AV loved Luongo so much it cost him his one and only chance at the cup. AV’s gonna wake up many a nights cursing Luongo’s name in a cold sweat years after his retirement. TheCanucks team is fractured, look at the first round loss tot he Kings. You have a team divided into two, the country clubbers on AV’s side, and the rest who still despise him for playing his pets in the finals. Look for a long losing streak early next year, both Av and Gillis will go before the end of the year.None of their top players deserve the C, wimpy Sedin, Basketcase Luongo, and of course, the narcissist Kesler.