You Know What I Hate?! – April 23rd

Claude Giroux is angry. And so am I. We’re both angry that he doesn’t get to light up
Marc-Andre Fleury and the Penguins anymore. Poolies probably aren’t too thrilled either.
(Photo via Yahoo! Sports Canada)

Today I continue my weekly feature of me venting and raging on stupid crap happening with the Canucks, their fans and around the NHL. Two things about feature… 1) It will appear (hopefully) every Monday, and 2) It is blatantly ripped off from a stand-up bit from comedian Craig Anton. On either point, I make no apologies. Enjoy. Or don’t.

This week, I’m fed up with the NHL awards show, nosey owners, and my own lack of a response to the end of the Canucks season.

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You know what I hate?! The Flyers/Penguins series is over. Man, that was all kinds of fun, and mostly because I didn’t have any skin in the game. I truly didn’t care who won that series. I literally cheered and laughed heartily every single time there was a goal. Every time. While Canucks and Kings fans (mostly Canucks fans) suffered through the monotony of this five-game series, the Pens/Flyers six-game series was ripe with goals, physicality, and goalie breakdowns – everything that the Canucks/Kings series was NOT.

You know what I hate?! The NHL awards show. GOOD LORD. Remember when they thought that NHL fans wanted to see Chaka Khan? Now they think people want to hear Nickelback. And why is there an awards show at all? Does any league have an end-of-season awards ceremony? I can’t think of one. I have never watched the NHL awards, because I find the whole thing embarrassing and unnecessary. They’re trying to make this look like the Oscars. And come to think of it… when was the last awards show that was even slightly entertaining? Maybe Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes (the first time, when it felt like he really was crossing lines and stepping on toes). I wish they would just name the winners of the NHL trophies in a league-wide press release. Save themselves the time and money of hosting a dumb awards ceremony. And save everyone from listening to Nickelback.

You know what I hate?! Owners who don’t shut the hell up. I get that some owners in the NHL really fancy themselves as NHL know-it-all’s, but they didn’t make their money owning NHL teams. They made their money in the business world.

Nobody exemplifies this more than Capitals owner Ted Leonsis. Leonsis decided that it was time for him to whine about the officiating in the Caps/Bruins series. He even took to his personal blog to bitch about the referreeing, specifically that the reigning Stanley Cup champions were getting the benefit of the doubt. No, Ted. No they weren’t and no they aren’t. Not even close. Why don’t you stick to running the organization from a financial and business standpoint, and let the team’s managers and coaches deal with this. I’m pretty sure, at the end of the Capitals run, when he’s getting the final numbers from the gate receipts and concessions and jerseys sold, Ted Leonsis’s wallet isn’t going to give a shit about a missed call on Brad Marchand. Nor should it. So zip it, Ted. Also, call Marchand (and Kesler for that matter) for diving refs, for chrissakes!

You know what I hate?! I hate that I don’t care that the Canucks season is over. Maybe it’s because, by the time the Kings were up 3-0, I had already come to terms with the fact that the Canucks were cooked. Maybe it’s because the Canucks play since mid-January was about as devoid of inspiration as the Gigli screenplay. Maybe it’s because I was already anticipating big changes in the off-season, no matter what the outcome of the playoffs were. In any event, when Stoll sniped the OT winner last night, I felt the same as I would have if it was game #65. Meh. They’ll get ’em next year.

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And don’t forget, Canucks fans… It’s ALWAYS next year. ALWAYS.

  • TheCalgaryJames

    Totally agree with the last point. After last year I think the lesson about holding high expectations was learned. Plus, this team just hasn’t looked right for a a few months now.

    I try and remain positive for next year but even with a great team I think the odds of winning the cup are much less than 50/50. We had our chance last year and we blew it.

  • Dmac

    @ Josh

    Very well said – re 50/50 and blowing “our” chance last year. Luongo and others will have to live with their performance in the cup final (particularly game 6 and 7), for they may never get a chance to get back. For me, I wont have to stay up late to watch games into May and June – a certain blessing to Canucks losing in the first round.

  • well said, agree with everything, especially the comment about staying up late, hardcore canucks fan but it’s tough being one in the maritimes. IMO i can’t wait for the changes in the offseason, the boys need a spark. I sincerely hope we keep Schneider and Loungo goes somewhere in the sunbelt and flourishes, he doesn’t deserve the negative press he gets, once out of the spotlight i think he’d do well.

  • Yup, this all sounds about right. I think the Canucks could beat the Kings, but I take my hat off to the Kings. They can play. I’m not sure that the Blues are going to have an easy time of it.

    I agree. For a President’s Trophy Winner, there was something wrong with the Canucks since January. Actually, I think it was since Marchand hurt Salo. Salo just got slower, and, like the folks at Canucks Army pointed out, he wasn’t able to play top 4 anymore. Likewise, Edler isn’t a 25-minute man. Tanev will be good, but he is still learning the trade. It was like Ehrhoff leaving hurt the transition game. That, and the fact that Malhotra and Kesler never returned to last year’s form. Esp. Malhotra. To adjust, the Canucks were playing more defensively sound hockey, but not quite gelling. These aren’t Gillis’ fault. He couldn’t predict the injuries, but I feel like the Canucks needed a good two-way defenseman, maybe going into his prime, and couldn’t find him. Kinda like they did well with the Ehrhoff trade a couple of years ago.

    Anyway, I enjoyed rooting for some of the best Canucks teams in years.

    Always next year.

  • I hate when Canuck fans pretend like they haven’t been behaving like ignorant pieces of sh*t as soon as their overated, feast on the Northwest, yappy team is eliminated from the playoffs. And if you lose a series 4-1, its difficult to argue that you are the better team in that series. Ifs and buts….