Schneider and Luongo; Just the stats, sir

What follows is a dry look at two goaltenders for the Vancouver Canucks this season.

In no way am I claiming that any of the following information is predictive. All I can tell you is that it is reliable, and takes into account both Canucks’ goaltenders over 87 games this season.

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  Save Percentage
Cory Schneider 0.939
Roberto Luongo 0.918

  Even Strength Save %
Cory Schneider 0.933
Roberto Luongo 0.930

Cory Schneider 31
Roberto Luongo 56

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  Quality Starts
Cory Schneider 25
Roberto Luongo 34

  Quality Start %
Cory Schneider 80.6%
Roberto Luongo 60.7%

Cory Schneider 2
Roberto Luongo 8

  Blow-Up %
Cory Schneider 6.5%
Roberto Luongo 14.3%

  Win % in Quality Starts
Cory Schneider 0.760
Roberto Luongo 0.735

  Points % in Quality Starts
Cory Schneider 0.780
Roberto Luongo 0.824

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  Win % in Blow-Ups
Cory Schneider 0.0%
Roberto Luongo 0.0%

  Points % in Blow-Ups
Cory Schneider 0.0%
Roberto Luongo 0.0%

  Goal support
Cory Schneider 2.71
Roberto Luongo 3.09

  Shots Faced per start
Cory Schneider 31.9
Roberto Luongo 29.2

  One Goal Games
Cory Schneider 18
Roberto Luongo 29

  Win % in one-goal games
Cory Schneider 0.722
Roberto Luongo 0.483

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  Points % in one-goal games
Cory Schneider 0.750
Roberto Luongo 0.621

  Relief Appearances
Cory Schneider 5
Roberto Luongo 1

  Record in Relief
Cory Schneider 1-1
Roberto Luongo 0-1

  Save % in Relief
Cory Schneider 0.972
Roberto Luongo 0.800

  Save % in starts
Cory Schneider 0.938
Roberto Luongo 0.920


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  • Great post Cam;
    One exception Strength of opposition. It’s complex but I found Cory actually played against slightly easier comp. could explain/account for slight diff. in even strength save%.We are all waiting for Cory’s regression re: pp save % should hit hard/unless he has special talent?

    • I don’t know of all Schneids’ starts, but he was in for our biggest games:
      …and won those games.
      I totally disagree with your “played against easier comp” note.

  • Chris.

    Excellent information.

    So, we can (possibly…) explain away the slight differences in a few stats, but, does anyone have an explanation for the weaker Goal Support Cory got: 2.79 v 3.09 ?

    Does not seem to be an insignificant difference.

    Makes me wonder whether the Canucks are:
    i) taking it easier when Cory’s in net?
    ii) playing down to the competition (assuming he’s being protected to a degree) ?