Cheers and Jeers – Apr 13th

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of… "Cheers and Jeers!"

This week, I throw a pane of glass on Shanny and thin-skinned Canucks fans, while I make no subsequent apologies for liking Cory Schneider and our friends at Smug Nation.

JEERS to Brendan Shanahan for his inexplicable decision to merely fine (AND NOT SUSPEND!!!) Shea Weber for his turnbuckle-style head slam on Henrik Zetterberg. It was clearly intentional, it was clearly meant to injure and it was clearly NOT a hockey play. I truly don’t understand how Shanahan can justify that this ridiculous act was not worthy of a suspension, given the NHL’s vocal "stance" on trying to avoid head injuries to their players. Shanahan screwed up big here, and proved that all his good intentions to protect players at the start of the season have vanished, replaced again by the NHL’s sputtering and broken Wheel of Justice.

CHEERS to the LA Kings and whoever runs their twitter account. Yep, their little barb made national headlines and led off news stories on all Vancouver news channels. We at Canucks Army loved the good-natured chirp and we applaud the Kings’ efforts for drumming up interest in their team in a hellaciously oversaturated sports market. And they don’t even have the NFL in LA!

JEERS to any Canucks fans who thought that tweet was in any way offensive, unprofessional, or otherwise unnecessary. You are humourless, sensitive jerks with no ability to see the lighter side of your hockey club at all. LIGHTEN THE HELL UP. Honestly, all we have seen for the last week is articles written coast to coast on how the rest of the country makes a living out of hating the Canucks, Hell, (QMI) even hosted an online chat where participants were asked to share their reasons for hating the Canucks. But no hatred from you on all of that? Nope, that’s just the rest of Canada being the rest of Canada. Yet, as the Kings play into his media frenzy by identifying EVERYTHING that has been said from Tofino to St. John’s, somehow you deem that unprofessional and classless? GROW UP. If you are that thin-skinned about a harmless tweet, it’s time to turn off the twitter machines and the TVs and radios and maybe stop watching the Canucks play. Because, kids, there is more of that on the way. There is WAY more on the way.

CHEERS to Cory Schneider for becoming the BEST interview on the Canucks right now. Yes, folks, he’s eclipsed Bieksa as the best interview on the team. There are, of course, his multiple appearances on After Hours and his impressions. He was recently on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg, where he completely killed it with rapid fire answers to Landsberg’s questions, including more impressions of AV and Burr. He even ended the segment with parting shot AV-impression close. Total gold. Finally he was asked about being the nation’s most hated team where he talked about the quality of his teammates but then fired off a shot against the Oilers when he said "Nobody cares about Edmonton so nobody hates them. It’s that simple." CORY SCHNEIDER IS JUST THE BEST.

JEERS to Cory Schneider for needlessly apologizing today for his Oilers jab. BOOOOOOO! Cory, when you say wicked-awesome things that insult your divisional opponents who haven’t made the playoffs in 6 years, you don’t apologize. No no. You go to the well again. CAMAN Cory… embrace the hate.


CHEERS to Smug Nation for recognizing what’s really wrong inside Rogers Arena: THE FANS! Today our boys at Smug Nation implored fans, those lucky enough to have tickets to tonight’s game and beyond, to cheer, to be loud and proud. In fact, rather than trying to re-hash what they said, I’m just gonna let them tell you WHY we all need to get loud.

… we owe them something too. Being a Canucks fan is a religion: complete faith in the absence of substantial proof (like the proof Calgary fans have been showing us since 1989). So let’s show a little faith in our team these playoffs. Cheer them on. Give them the carrot instead of the stick. We’ve seen our team reach game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, so let’s act like we’ve been somewhere.


  • Good all round, but I take a little bit of exception to the LA twitter thing. I personally wasn’t offended by it at all but I think what the difference is and perhaps what gets folks all riled up is that it actually appeared to be (and maybe was) an officially-sanctioned statement. And tweet or not, it was a statement. You can’t tell me that the Canucks organization would ever do something like that. That’s what makes it kind of unfunny. It’s a whole lot different to have a bunch of anonymous internet wankers posting away and back east kind of idiot sports writers and all that, but to actually ostensibly have the management of an NHL team join in the fray is just a different kettle of fish. Sorry, I’m not sure I agree that fans shouldn’t be a tad uptight about that. Good rant though.

  • Make no mistake the Nucks have assembled an awesome team around the sisters. Owner, GM, MSM or fan the boxes on the checklist are all marked. The team and it’s supporters deserve to be rewarded with the ultimate prize, but it’s not annointed. It’s earned.
    From my perspective the media are the ones falling all over themselves to perpetuate how great the Canucks are. Fans outside your market envy what you have but would prefer the media be a bit more humble in describing it. We get force fed a diet of Hughson & Simpson or the other bozo with K Weeks rubbing one out whilst calling a Nucks game. That forms our impression here on the other side of the fence. And stop publicly debating the goaltending situation. If it’s that bad, send Lou to Columbus for Nash and be done with it. The rest of us recognize Lou as our Olympic netminder.
    Hughson – stop refering to the Sedins by their first names only. Daniel to Hendrick back to Daniel = barf.
    Keep the faith, I don’t see disaster on the horizon.