Headshots April 9th

Apparently this is some guy trying to be the "biggest Canuck fan ever."
He’s calling himself Canuck Libre, and yes the entire thing is very frightening (via @ctv_stjohn)

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Daniel Sedin was back on the ice at the Canucks’ full team practice today, and he was skating hard. The Canucks confirmed that he’d been skating in private before today, and while he didn’t talk to the media (apparently he’ll do so tomorrow) Henrik Sedin said that Daniel was "100%." Exhale, Canucks Nation, exhale.

Easter is a very big day for Valeri Bure. Find out why over at SmugNation.

Our friend Social Assassin (numbero deux) has started a blog called "Hard Hitting Analysis" and today, in his debut post he advocates for Schneider and Luongo to split duty in the postseason, regardless of how well Luongo performs. It’s a good idea, and one used somewhat by the 2007 Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks.

Video Break: @Nick604VanBC did a wicked job putting together this hour long video including every goal the Canucks scored this season. You should watch the whole thing (as it is, embeded in this headshots post) while also clicking on all of Canucks Army’s fabulous advertisers! Thanks!

Harrison Mooney of Pass it to Bulis breaks down exactly why the Los Angeles Kings are bad, they’re bad, Shimona (really, really bad). 

Our pal Wyatt (better known to you folks as The Stanchion) thinks Corsi is kind of neat sometimes, but prefers to make up his own fun advanced stats!

Drew Doughty thinks Alex Burrows – the first line winger and consistent thirty goal scorer – has only one job: to agitate and get Doughty personally to take stupid penalties. Hopefully Doughty continues to operate under that assumption, because that really isn’t giving Burrows the credit he deserves.