Cheers and Jeers – Apr 6th

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of… "Cheers and Jeers!"

This week, I stand in awe of the sweet moves of Henrik Sedin, Greg Wyshyski and Puck Daddy, and a thankful redditor, while I sit on the bench and stop Ryane Clowe, Dennis Bernstein, and idiot Canucks fans.

JEERS to Dennis Bernstein (@DennisTFP) for his ridiculous "crusade" earlier this week against our friend GayCanuck. In case you missed it, Scott Oake asked GayCanuck’s ginger-themed question to Cory Schneider during After Hours this past Saturday. According to Bernstein, this was akin to racism, and he actually called for the segment producer to be fired. Fired. For allowing an innocuous question from a viewer, on what is the TV equivalent of a radio call-in show. For Berstein to equate the use of the word "ginger" to racism is just plain irresponsible and stupid. He then had the audacity to tell GayCanuck (via Twitter) that he was just a small-time nobody, dropped TC Carling’s name to try and intimidate GayCanuck, and even played the anonymity card. Seriously, he played the anonymity card on a blogger named "GayCanuck." What a maroon. Anyway, Dennis Bernstein, you are a petty man and you need to get over yourself.

CHEERS to Greg Wyshynski and Puck Daddy for showcasing our very own Thomas Drance and his CanucksArmy article on the Canucks and supplementary discipline. Wysh wrote a whole piece discussing the article and what it meant. Great stuff and we’re very grateful!

JEERS to our idiot fans for cheering for the departure of Roberto Luongo during the Anaheim/Vancouver game on Tuesday. Granted, Luongo did not have a good night, but he sure as HELL wasn’t bad enough that he needed to be given the Bronx Cheer as he made his way out of the net. It’s no wonder this city is a goalie graveyard. We treat our netminders like total garbage, year after year. And it won’t matter if Luongo wins the Cup with the Canucks this year. He’ll still be booed for perceived bad starts. And it won’t matter if he’s traded out of town and Cory Schneider takes the reins. In no time, Schneider will be turned into the fans’ Enemy #1.

CHEERS to Henrik Sedin for his ridiculous and largely unheralded play against Saku Koivu on Tuesday. Hank went full-on Harlem Globetrotter for a few seconds, deked Koivu out of his jock, and set up Alex Burrows for the Canucks first goal. Why aren’t we STILL freaking out about this goal and this move? It was AMAZING.

JEERS to my Twitter timeline this past week. It was loaded up with nonsense crap from the NBA, wrestling, and baseball. You have no idea how little I care about all of these things and yet you nerds couldn’t shut up about ALL of it. BLECH!! I swear to God, if I see anything other than hockey in my timeline tomorrow, you people are gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do. SMARTEN UP!

CHEERS to redditor jobin_segan for his kudos to CanucksArmy. Jobin was kind enoughto write the following about your favourite Canucks blog: "Just wanted to say that I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for the game this year thanks to your balanced articles. And this coming from someone who was convinced you guys were a bunch of homers with a massive bias when he first joined this subreddit :)." We are very grateful for the praise and the warm comments and are thankful that we have such great readership from redditors and elsewhere. (Now y’all are gunna make me cry!)

JEERS to Ryane Clowe for being a dirty, rotten cheater. CAMAN MAN! Interfering from the bench?! That’s just such a dick move. And then to claim "I don’t know what you’re talking about" is just insulting. Of course, the bigger jeers here is the officiating that let that play go with being penalized. Typical, really. But you have to admit that karma is a funny thing, right LA Kings? Remember when your game clock mysteriously added extra time, long enough to justify a goal being counted against the Blue Jackets? Yeah, it’s not so funny what the shoe is on the other foot, is it?

and finally…

CHEERS to The Fan Zoo for generously providing a siged Chris Higgins jersey to help promote the launch of the CanucksArmy Facebook page! Don’t forget folks, if you want to be entered to win that awesome jersey, just go to our new Facebook page ( and "like" our page. Also, and just as importantly, make sure that you follow The Fan Zoo (@TheFanZoo) on Twitter, and sign up for their auction!

  • Tuque, as a member in good standing of the Nation I occasionally drop in to take the pulse of the Left Coast. I expect some hometown bias from the source contributors. What i didn’t expect and perhaps due to my own bias, is how entertaining and funny your submissions have been. Today you made me laugh out loud, hence my need to tell you to keep up the excellence in your narratives.
    I get the sense that Canucks Army is not widely read and certainly not well commented on. Certainly not as interactive as the two sites immediately east of Valemont. That is a shame. I think the fans miss out on many insightful posts. I’ll be back, if only to stir the pot a little just for sh!ts and giggles. Thanks for taking the time to do it well.

  • “For Berstein to equate the use of the word “ginger” to racism is just plain irresponsible and stupid.”

    I think this statement is irresponsible & supid.

    It’s not okay to make derogatory statements based on somebody’s skin colour, ethnic background or sexual orientation – but making fun of a person for having red-hair is totally acceptable?

    That’s a piss poor double standard if you ask me.

    JEERS !!

    • May I ask you several questions?

      Are you familiar at all with what Berstein said? And the context of my jeers?

      Where was it ever stated that picking on redheads was acceptable? And who exactly was picking on redheads?

  • NuckfiSh

    CHEERS to Sami Salo who got to line up on the blueline of Rogers Arena next to his son Oliver for the national anthem. You just know that was one of the highlights of his career. Kudos to the man for all he’s given – and is still yet to give – to this franchise & city.