Headshots March 14th

Maybe Mason Raymond really IS evil.
Now I understand why Canucks fans greet his appearance with jeers, like he’s the bad guy in a pantomime.

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Great stuff from Chris Withers who compares the lively atmosphere at Whitecaps games to the artificial, turgid malaise of the Rogers Arena crowd. (Pucked in the Head)

Harrison Mooney says Mason Raymond skating with the twins isn’t the end of the world. What does he know? It’s probably the most indefensible line combination Vigneault has come up with since he put that plug Burrows on the top-line… Wait. (Pass it to Bulis)

Omar Rawji doesn’t buy that the Sedins are slumping, and calls that narrative a myth. I have his back on this one to some extent with one major caveat: truly, the twins had their worst game in months, maybe years, against the Habs on Saturday. (Headtothenet)

Cool Canucks Art Break: From @CanucksArt a pretty cool drawing of Roberto Luongo

The Stanchion, once considered a man of the people, blames the common fan for the Canucks recent slide. (Legion of Blog

Iain Macintyre is confused as to why Roberto Luongo is getting the start tonight over Cory Schneider who has superficially been the better goaltender over the past three months. I’d suggest that the schedule (the Canucks play only two games this week) has something to do with it, Vigneault was probably reluctant to give Luongo a week off following his putrid performance on Saturday. (Vancouver Sun)

Finally, Raffi Torres had a tough time adjusting from the Canucks up-tempo stylings to the conservative approach in Phoenix, writes Jason Botchford. (The Province)