21 Overtime Salute for Canucks Who Refuse to Lose in OT

Ebbett celebrates an GWG in OT against San Jose in December. The Canucks haven’t lost in OT in a calender year.

21 and counting. That’s what the Vancouver Canucks streak is up to in regular-season games without an overtime loss. Oh sure, until recently, there have been more than a few shootout setbacks along the way. But the Vancouver Canucks are – and have been for a while now – bulletproof in regular season overtimes.

Read more about the team’s incredible streak after break!

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The last time the team lost a regular season contest in overtime was January 18, 2011 in Colorado when David Jones scored the winner, and even that comes with a catch because it was a power play goal scored with Henrik Sedin in the box for interference. So that goal was scored 4 on 3. The last time the Canucks were defeated in overtime surrendering an even-strength goal was December 22, 2010 when Henrik Zetterberg gave Detroit a 5-4 victory at Rogers Arena. That was 24 trips to overtime ago.

Since that night in Denver more than a year ago, the Canucks have won seven games in overtime without losing any. They are 7-7 in the shootouts required to settle the 14 other games that were not decided in overtime.

21 trips to overtime, 50 shots on goal during those added sessions – and nothing for opponents. Not a lucky bounce nor a bad breakdown, not a power-play nor one of the many odd-man rushes created in overtime have wound up in the back of the Canucks net. Roberto Luongo has been in goal for 15 of the overtimes (35 saves) while Cory Schneider has handled the other six appearances (15 stops). The Canucks have been a strong four on four team for years, but this overtime win streak defies logic. The team has given up four goals 4-on-4 this season – but none in bonus time.

And with the team going to overtime in its past five games and eight of its last 10, the Canucks continue to put their overtime run of good fortune to the test. The streak won’t last forever. It only seems that way right now.

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