Cheers and Jeers – Dec 23

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers – CHRISTMAS EDITION!!

This week, I’m so mad about the Montreal coaching situation that set a car fire, Ron Maclean needs to zip his yap, plus some props to Hank Sedin and the Blackhawks (what’s become of me?!)

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JEERS to EVERYTHING related to the Montreal coaching situation (with the exception of Randy Cunneyworth). Jeers to anyone in that market that insists that it should be mandatory for any coach in Montreal to speak French. BULLSH*T. Who was the last Alouettes coach who speak a lick of French? Oh what’s that? None? And they won Grey Cups, right? Yep. Don’t give me any crap about the cultural signifance of your hockey club. It’s a HOCKEY CLUB. Their first directive is win goddamn hockey game, not to appease an irrational and unreasonable faction of their fanbase. Habs fans and media, your team is terrible and spiralling downward. If you get a great hockey coach who can only speak Swahili, you hire him. And if Pierre Gauthier isn’t fired as soon as possible, then that team is going to continue to crumble.

CHEERS to the Chicago Blackhawks for their terribly awesome Christmas video. Again, I HATE giving any kudos to the Hawks, but they truly deserve it this time. The video is great, full of self-deprecating humour and truly awful (but hilarious) performances by the players themselves. The best part for me is how Jonathan Toews appears to be in absolute agony as he tries in vain to smile at the end of the video. And no, kids, he’s not acting. That’s legit.

JEERS to Damian Cox for solidifying his position as the ultimate Canucks Twitter troll. This past week, he engaged in a useless and baseless battle with both Blake Price and Jason Botchford. All he did was prove that he hasn’t watched a single minute of Canucks hockey this year, and has no idea about this team. Yet he continues to bait Canucks fans and media into debating him. So an additional JEERS to Price and Botch and ANY other Canucks fan, blogger or MSMer who engages Cox in any form whatsoever. Just ignore him. And hopefully ignore the Canucks and their fans.

CHEERS to Henrik Sedin for his insane iron man streak. Tonight he will tie Brendan Morrison for consecutive games played in a Canucks uniform at 534. Right, but he’s not tough enough. Oh, he’s currently holding the second longest streak in the entire league, behind only Jay Bouwmeester

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JEERS to Ron Maclean. Your "apology" was terrible. Your ending to that diatribe was confusing and meaningless. Your narrative is ridiculous. Your bias is unhideable. Your inability to be diplomatic about referees is embarrassing. Every time you say anything about the Canucks, your assumptions are easily proven to be flat-out wrong. You should do yourself a gigantic favour and stop talking about Alex Burrows and the Canucks. Full stop. Stop diving into murky water in which you cannot tread.

CHEERS and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my fellow CanucksArmy writers and all you great Canucks fans out there that are Army soliders. We have some great followers with some great insight and awesome information. We have only one request – KEEP IT UP! And please comment as much as you can on our articles.

  • John Andress

    In general I like your stuff but I fear you must be wrong about Henrik Sedin being any sort of Iron Man whatsoever. After all, he is so terribly soft and a girl to boot isn’t he? Everyone says so. Well, everyone who has never watched him play anyway. A tougher, more resilient competitor does not exist in the NHL and to say that someone who takes the sort of physical abuse that Henrik does day in and day out is soft is nothing short of insanity. And by the way, I will gladly accept that he doesn’t “drop the gloves like a good Canadian kid” and settle for a spectacular point production, work ethic and durability that will eventually lead him into the HHOF where he so rightly belongs. Well done and thank you Henrik. thou good and faithful servant.