The Good the Bad and the Celebrities!

This is a weekly feature that will highlight The Good, The Bad and The *fill in the blank* exciting things that are currently happening in the NHL. Did Kevin Bieksa get an endorsement deal with a manufacturer of rare titanium hockey sticks? Did Ron MacLean and Mark Messier take off their Grinch outfits? Did Sidney Crosby secretly retire? Hockey is full of all sorts of unknown mysteries.


When this season started it became blatantly obvious that some Canucks fans were not overly impressed with Roberto Luongo. I am going out on a limb to say that his performance during the Stanley Cup Finals may have been a contributing factor to this. Our team lost their chance to win the Stanley Cup. It sucks. I suppose one way to release feelings of anger and disappointment about this fate is to blame the team. It seems that Luongo got the brunt of that.

Luongo had a rough start but he’s also had an impressive turnaround since the goalie controversy and even recorded his first shutout this season against the Minnesota Wild, the second best team in the NHL. Personally I am still counting the shutout him and Cory Schneider shared against the Avalanche as the first one, so really he has 1.5 shutouts this season. He is on a hot streak and playing like the Roberto Luongo I defended in October. He is 7-0-1 in his last eight starts and has given up just eleven goals. The saves that he made against the Detroit Red Wings were impressive and exactly what you expect from a top notch goalie. Vancouver, you have a great number one goalie. Luongo is only going to get better. At least that is what I predict (hope for). If Michael Bublé had scored on him, then I would have worried.

The Bad: Milan Lucic – “Everybody Hates a Champion”

Oh Milan, the Vancouver boy who used to play for the Giants. The one that was so careful in ensuring his hometown visit and celebration with the Stanley Cup over the summer was kept low key. He didn’t want to upset people. How nice of him. But something changed in Milan when he won hockey’s Holy Grail. The pressure of that win was too much to handle. He had a little ‘incident’ with his girlfriend this past September that resulted in the police wanting to chat with him. Apparently Boston’s finest didn’t recognize him so Lucic was forced to ask them if they knew who he was, all while throwing a fit and smashing his phone on the ground. But the anger of Milan didn’t stop there. Just last month he ran over/into Sabres goalie Ryan Miller which resulted in a charging penalty and a disciplinary call with Brendan Shanahan, but ultimately no suspension was given. Miller suffered a concussion and Lucic didn’t think he did anything wrong. He claims that he didn’t see Miller all the way out of his crease. I say bullsh**t. What does it take for a Bruin to apologize?

This week, Lucic was handed a one game suspension for his hit on Zac Rinaldo. Lucic is a repeat offender as he was also suspended in 09’ for giving Max Lapierre, a Canadien at that time, a blow to the head. Not cool Milan. Now go sit and think about what you’ve done while I rejoice at this petty vindication.

And Celebrities Just Love Hockey

I cannot wait until I become famous because famous people get to meet other famous people and act like they are really friends. I could finally stop stalking admiring Alex Burrows from a distance.

Being Canadian and being a hockey fan are practically synonymous. The perks of being famous, however, usually consist of things that ordinary people only dream about. Michael Bublé, a Vancouverite, recently became a Canuck for a Day and got to skate with the team in their morning practice. Lucky him. He even got to help Luongo practice his shootout-phobia. How nice. Bublé was the clear winner in the hockey team of choice category because the next day, Justin Bieber skated with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Vancouver Canucks were the clear winners in the celebrity fan of choice category because unless you are a 13 year old girl or Leafs rookie defenseman Jake Gardiner, Justin Bieber is not exactly someone to get excited about. Now Axl Rose on the other hand would be someone that could make things interesting. I’d love to see how that practice would go over and how long it would take for Axl to beat the crap at out of a Leafs player. Preferably Dion Phaneuf.

  • Marda Miller

    Buble wasn’t messing around, he showed up in full gear, pads, hockey pants, socks and tape.

    #Canucks clearly won on the scoreboard, and the celebrity scoreboard. What self-respecting Canadian hockey fan shows up for a NHL team practice in a toque and ridiculously thin pants? BIEBER. As a dad, i felt like throwing him a helmet and a jersey and telling him to keep warm.

    Thanks for the post Marda! great read as usual!