The Canucks and Lebron, Together at Last


There are some uncanny similarities between Lebron James, and the Vancouver Canucks. Both made the finals and lost this year, both Lebron and the Canucks (led by their goaltender Lebrongo) are reputed to be "choke artists" despite being really good at what they do, and both are almost universally reviled. Of course, there are also some key differences, like the fact that Lebron took his talents to South Beach, whereas the Canucks take talent out of South Beach – but that’s a minor quibble with the overall applicability of this drawn out comparison…

Well now the Canucks and Lebron James have been formally united in a pretty wicked looking pair of kicks. ABT from a sneaker-blog called LRJ23 (that is dedicated to customizing Lebron James sneaker designs) is apparently a massive Canucks fan. He’s also designed a Nike iD Lebron 9 in Canucks colours as an homage to the team he loves (and we also are rather fond of). No word yet on whether or not they increase ones propensity for falling down at the slightest hint of contact, or make the wearer crave the sweet taste of human flesh – but we’ll update the post as we find out more.

All kidding aside, the results from ABT’s customization are mint. Regardless of ones team loyalties, you have to admit that ABT has produced one gorgeous pair of sneakers. Go ahead and safely file these under "WANT!"

Here are some more Nike iD Lebron 9 Canucks themed design concepts from ABT: