Headshots November 9th

The above image is courtesy HFboards user Chairman Maouth via TheStanchion.

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day’s freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you’ve written a blogpost, produced a tribute video or birthed a clever .gif into existence – please e-mail me at thom.drance@gmail.com.

Mason Raymond has returned to practice following a gruesome injury in last years finals, and Jim Jamieson writes that he’s looking pretty good at practice he’s even apparently "snapping pucks into the top corner like he wasn’t missing a beat." Wait, "snapping pucks… top corner?" Are we really sure Jim is talking about Mason Raymond here?

The Windsor Star covered Raymond’s return, and decided to go with this headline "Everybody Hugs Raymond!" You can show yourself out Windsor Star.

You know how the Canucks are gutless whiners while the Blackhawks have hearts of champions and such? Well check out what Patrick Kane had to say about his roughing penalty from Sunday night’s game, "It was probably a stupid penalty there, but I felt they were kind of doing that to me, so I didn’t really expect to be called on that one, to be honest with you. Guys like Kesler are following you around the ice slashing you and cross-checking you for about a minute, and I get a penalty for that. So that was a little disappointing." Well there you have it, Patrick Kane, whining at length about the sort of treatment that I’d describe as "run of the mill" for the Sedin twins. How good is that?

Tour de force stuff from Daniel Wagner over at PiTB debunking the "Sedins are Soft" myth. Turns out when the going gets tough, the Sedins get more dangerous. 

GIF BREAK: Woah deja vu! Clearly there is a glitch in the old matrix. via taylorpyatt.tumblr.com

Poor Lyle Richardson had to spend two whole paragraphs debunking the stupidity that is a Luongo to the Florida Panthers trade rumour. Have to feel for the guy, I bet he needed a couple of extra strength Tylenol after that one. 

Alex Edler has been on a nice run, and Henrik Sedin is eager to sing his praises to Jim Jamieson. One thing that isn’t mentioned in the article: Edler has been putting up much of his points this season while adjusting (somewhat poorly, in my view) to playing the opposite side on the point. Pretty impressive stuff from the still young defenseman. 

Former Nucksmisconduct contributor, and all around good dude Ryan Blight writes about selling out his Canucks fandom in order to root for his home town Jets. In all seriousness, couldn’t be happier for fans like Ryan.

Speaking of Nucksmisconduct, go vote for your favorite fail – is it Darcy Hordichuk, or Daniel Carcillo? I voted Hordichuk.

Finally Botch points out that, since the massive glove save on Ovechkin against the Caps, Luongo is sporting a .933 save percentage. Has he finally found his game? I guess we’ll find out more tomorrow when the Canucks play the Kings.