You Know What I Hate?! – NOV 7

This little girl is angry. And so am I.
Photo courtesy the innerwebz.

Today I continue my weekly feature of me venting and raging on stupid crap happening with the Canucks, their fans and around the NHL. Two things about feature… 1) It will appear (hopefully) every Monday, and 2) It is blatantly ripped off from a stand-up bit from comedian Craig Anton. On either point, I make no apologies. Enjoy. Or don’t.

In this week’s edition, I take a cane to Tebowing and Linus Omark being a spoiled brat. And I have a GUEST this week.

You know what I hate?! TEBOWING! And any other stupid posing meme that has started recently (Planking! GAHHHHH!). But get this… Rocco Grimaldi, the insufferably religious Florida Panthers prospect celebrates his first collegiate goal by striking that ridiculous pose. Now, let’s withhold the fact that Grimaldi is an unabashed Tebow fan for a moment. This whole Tebowing phenomenon has GOT TO GO. NOW. And also… don’t mistake me picking on Grimaldi because he is religious. I’m picking on Grimaldi because he is righteous, judgmental and arrogant. And striking a ‘Tebow’ just make me loathe his pious nonsense even more.

You know what I hate?! ENTITLEMENT. I’m looking at you, Linus Omark. Omark says he’d rather play in Europe than in the AHL and that he’s being held out of the Oilers lineup because of politics. No. Nononono. You are not entitled to a lineup spot. You are not guaranteed to play in the NHL because you were some wunderkind and a YouTube sensation for 15 minutes. Linus, you’re being held out of the lineup because you are not good enough to make the Oilers roster. You’re a one-trick pony and people are figuring that out. Most specifically, the Oilers management has started to figure that out. So stop bitching that this about politics. It’s not. It’s about you and the fact that you aren’t good enough. If you wanna head back to Europe, then see ya. Don’t let the door hit ya, pal.

You know who I hate?! Dan Carcillo. Remember when Carcillo ran his mouth at his introductory press conference? Remember when he said he was going to go after guys like "Laperierre, Glass and Torres". Awesome.  Remember how he’s a terrible hockey player who’s already been watching games from the press box this year? Carcillo took 21 minutes in penalties (that includes a 10 minute misconduct, so really 11 minutes in legit PK time against his team). His final penalty led to the last Canucks power play goal. Oh… and once again… Laperriere, Glass and Torres don’t play for the Canucks. Max Lapierre does (which I KNOW is who he meant, but Carcillo is still an idiot), but Carcillo didn’t exactly take him to task, Instead he went after Aaron Volpatti, who clocked Carcillo a real solid shot to open the fight. Carcillo, you’re terrible and you cost your team. But please, keep running your mouth, ya ass.

You know what I hate?! There is NO HEAT in my kid’s hockey rink! The city and its contractors have been renovating her home rink for over a year now. Because of that, they don’t have heaters in the rink because they’re still fixing everything up. And us parents continue to freeze out collective bag off watching our kids play. And it’s friggin’ embarrassing for the visiting teams to see the rink in the state that its in. Keep this in mind. The kids finally got changerooms back two weeks ago. Before that, they were stuck in portables outside the rink. I’M GETTING TIRED OF IT!

For the first time ever… a guest entry on "YKWIH"! From Alix Wright… I missed posting it last week during my Hallowe’en spectacular, so now Alix’s quick rant gets its due.

From ALIX – You know what I hate?! How people seem to think they have to be a Luongo fan OR a Schneids fan. YOUKNOWWHAT? They love each other.
From TFT – Could NOT agree more. It seems like people are forcing themselves to choose sides in a non-existent goalie debate in a town renowned as a goalie graveyard. You see, I’m a CANUCKS fan, means that I love the TEAM as a whole. Sure, if the Canucks had Carcillo or Dave Bolland or Steve Ott or Marty Turco, I would still soundly hate those particular players. But the players I hate is generally a pretty short list. So stop thinking that you have to pick sides with your Canucks goalies. They’re both REALLY good. And that’s that.

  • Ken V.

    “I’m picking on Grimaldi because he is righteous, judgmental and arrogant”

    How many conversations have you had with him to come to this conclusion?

    Do you know what I hate…when internet bloggers insult people out of ignorance.

    • Have you read his Twitter feed?! Have you read ANY interview with him!?!
      My goodness, Dave. He’s not making it a secret how pious and righteous he is about his religion.

      For god’s sake, he chastised young women and told them to cover their boobs! That’s pretty effin judgmental, if you ask me.

      C’mon Dave. Don’t tell me I’m being ignorant. Ignorant means that I have formed an opinion without being informed or without prior knowledge.

      I have PLENTY of evidence on how arrogant and pious Rocco Grimaldi is, and Rocco Grimaldi is the one giving us ALL the evidence.