Cheers and Jeers – Oct 14

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

We start with a truly classless move, and HEYHEY! it wasn’t from a member of the Canucks!

JEERS to Penguins forward Arron Asham for his stupid and unnecessary pantomime after his fight with Capitals forward Jay Beagle. Asham knocked Beagle out cold in a fight. Ok fair enough. Two willing combatants and one gets the victory in a fight that was all about passion and anger. No staged glove drops here. No problem with this part at all. Until Beagle is laying flat on the ice and Asham mimes "It’s Over! Good night!" This isn’t WWE, you dummy. Have some bloody respect for the guy you just KO’d. Sure, Asham showed contrition after the game in the media scrum. Blah blah blah. Way too little, way too late. Next time, enough with the antics, just go to the penalty box and do your time.

CHEERS to Manny Malhotra and Dan Hamhuis for doing their time… IN THE COMMUNITY. Bloody do-gooders. Hamhuis and Malhotra helped build a playground at Edmonds Community School, located in the poorest postal code with a school in BC. And for good measure, Daniel Sedin and Cory Schneider showed up to help as well. We all know that everyone in the league hates the Canucks. While we at Canucks Army certainly embrace that, we can always be proud our favourite team when they do things like this to help in our community.

JEERS to you moronic Canucks fans who are already off the Canucks bandwagon after their 1-2-1 start to the season. Holy crap, people. IT’S BEEN FOUR GAMES! And lest we forget that this is EXACTLY the same start that they had last year, and last year ended up working out okay for them. In fact, Daniel Wagner at Pass It To Bulis shows exactly why you bandwagony Canucks fans are stupid, if you are already panicking about the start to the season. The way that the Canucks have started this season and last is almost identical. Like, eerily identical. Get over it folks, there are 78 regular games to go and likely a WHOLE LOTTA playoffs games.

CHEERS to Jeremy Roenick for being angered by the constant barrage of useless Crosby "updates". And further cheers eo JR for being VERY CLEAR about what was bugging. He wasn’t bugged about Crosby. He quite clearly said that he knows and ackowledges that Crosby is legit injured. He’s fed up with the seemingly minute-by-minute status updates on Crosby. I’m iwth you, JR. I’m right there with you. We get it. Crosby’s good. In fact, he’s the best in the league. But we don’t need to know when he ties his skates, eats his cereal in the morning, or parks his car. Wake me up when the guy actually plays a game. I wish Crosby nothing but good health, but leave us alone.

JEERS to the failing bodies of Tim Connolly and Rick DiPietro, both injured again. And both on sidelines for a undetermined amount of time. For reference, here are stories on Connolly and DiPietro, respectively. While Connolly is approaching "you should consider retiring" territory, DiPietro is already there. You gotta feel bad for both these guys, whose bodies just don’t seem to be able to hold up to the rigors of the NHL grind. It’s a shame, because they are both really decent players. Especially for DiPietro, retirement has to be a real possibility now.

CHEERS to the Kurtenblog. They issued their farewell from the Province yesterday, sadly shutting down one of the most enjoyable blogs in hockey community . They’ve entertained us, they’ve educated us, they’ve wasted thousands of hours of our precious time with useless links. Godspeed to you jackasses on the interweb. Good luck in your future endeavor.