Wright Wing

                Tumblr finds the best Canucks things. Courtesy of the lovely gents from Pass It To Bulis. 

 It’s Friday and the debut of my weekly opinion post the Wright Wing. (So punny, no?) Five things I’m thinking about this week include charitable causes and team slogans. 


1) With the…excited…reaction there was this week for Ryan Kesler’s nude ESPN magazine photograph, it got me thinking that there’s probably a niche opportunity for teams to jump on the nude bandwagon. Artfully done posters, calendars, collages, and bumper stickers. The possibilites are endless! All for local charitable causes of course. 

2) Speaking of charity and naked Kesler, it came to my attention on twitter from @ReynoldsSBN that Ryan Kesler has started an endorsement with Defending the Blue Line  which helps children of military families play hockey. I’m always happy to see Canucks players getting involved with charities own their own outside of the Canucks organization. Is there anything Ryan Kesler can’t do? We should start making ‘What Would Ryan Kesler Do?’ bracelets. 

3) Canucks Hockey Blog is taking part in a community challenge this season. It’s really easy and fun. I’m donating $2 for every Canucks win in memory of Rick Rypien to the Canucks for Kids Fund. If you have a favourite player you’d like to support or a favourite statistic, (Blocked shots? Burrows’ bite number? Times Ballard is benched?), it could be something you’d like to take part in. 

4) It’s the start of Thanksgiving weekend. What are you giving thanks for? I’m thankful I’m not Roberto Luongo. Sure, there would be tons of dollar bills and a beautiful wife but you’d also have to put up with insanely critical Canucks fans. After you had one mediocre game. That was the first game of the regular season. Plus that hair looks really high maintenance. I’m much more a wash and go kind of gal myself. 

5) Which NHL slogan wins the double entendre head to head? Tampa Bay’s ‘Being The Thunder’ or Phoenix’s ‘Hockey The Hard Way’? I could even publish the poll results next week.