Cheers and Jeers – Sep 30

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

This week’s entry features lots of talk of boobs and bodies and nakedness.

JEERS to Rocco Grimaldi for the utter nonsense that he spewed two days ago on Twitter. In a series of tweets, he said the following, "Ladies, you can help us guys out big time. Put your boobs away and everything else that is hanging out. Guys have a hard enough time with / that temptation without u helping it along. When did being a beautiful girl become dressing with the least amount of clothes on? When did / what u wear become a competition? Before you dress ask, “Does this outfit honor God, does it honor my body, does it help serve/love my / brothers? If it’s a no to any of those questions, then u shouldn’t wear that outfit #ThinkBeforeYouDress". I have no problem with folks and their religious beliefs. To each their own. But this is just preachy, unnecessary bullshi*t. Telling women to cover up because GUYS CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES!? It’s downright embarrassing that he thinks that.

(speaking of naked)

CHEERS to Ryan Kesler for his hatred of clothing. The Canucks Selke-winner star center is reportedly going to appear nude (but strategically covered up. Sorry, horny ladies) in ESPN’s "Body Issue". In case there was any doubt that Kes hates clothes (and loves his abs), here’s more, recent evidence.

(STILL speaking of naked)

JEERS to Patrick Kane for joining Twitter (@88PKane), yet failing to tweet a single picture of himself shirtless in the back of a limo, or a club, or Jonathan Toews’ basement, or Dustin Byfulgien’s boat. Only "respectful", "boring" pictures with "fans" in a "light-hearted manner". BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! If you haven’t read it yet, go read Thom Drance’s post on what we REALLY want Patrick Kane to share with us on Twitter.

(ok, enough with the naked. For now.)

CHEERS to the Canucks and Postmedia for their Raise-A-Reader campaign, which happened this past Wednesday. Many of your favourite current and former Canucks took to the streets to meet folks, hand out newspapers and raise money and awareness for children’s literacy. A great cause and a fun way to start to morning. True story… Several years ago, Mattias Ohlund (while still a member of the Canucks) was in the lobby of my company’s building as part of the R-a-R campaign. You have to walk up a small set of stairs to get up to the lobby, so my perpsective on how big he was (even in his street clothess) was skewed… until I stood next to him to get a paper from him. Holy SCHNEIKES. He’s gigantic. Anyway, that’s all.

(speaking of contemptable, cowardly pukes… I know we weren’t, but I needed a segue.)

JEERS to Colin Campbell for still being a NHL employee. How the screaming f*ck does this cowardly, backward-thinking neandrethal still have a job in this league?! He said that he did not have enough proper evidence to prove that Wayne Simmonds called Sean Avery a ‘faggot’ during a Rangers/Flyers game earlier this week… DESPITE EVIDENCE THAT SHOWS HIM DOING IT. While everyone is rightly applauding Brendan Shanahan for his work as this league’s new safety disciplinarian, Campbell is still thinking "hehehe BOYS WILL BE BOYS, eh? Besides, Avery is a fag! AMIRITE?". No guts at all. No conviction. No scruples. No reason for him to be within 800 miles of a league ruling. ON ANYTHING.


CHEERS to the newest member of the Nation Network and contributor to Canucks Army – Jeff Angus. Curator of, one of the more fantastic hockey sites out there on the innerwebz, Jeff has brought his considerable talents to Canucks Army to show us clowns how to actually write about hockey.