Headshots September 26th

The best part about Campoli signing with the Habs today? It’s an excuse to post this again!

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Remember when Alex Burrows ended the Blackhawks season, and staved off an epic playoff collapse with a goal that was the epitome of excellence in hockey (and baseball)? Based on this bitter, albeit hilarious Burrows photoshop from the guys at BlackhawksDL, Hawks fans might still be kind of upset about it. They also seem to think Burrows is a receptacle filled with some sort of animal feces – but he isn’t – he’s just a human being who eliminated the Hawks this season with a great individual effort.

Owen Nolan – who was cut last night – handled the situation with admirable class. Yeah that’s right, admirable class. Pffft – guy never had a shot at cracking the Canucks roster. Dick-heads only.

Harrison Mooney at PassittoBulis speculates that perhaps Niklas Jensen has a chance to make the Canucks opening day roster. If he does – he’d be the first 18 year old to make the Vancouver Canucks in over 20 years!

All hail super-pest Mike Duco – the hero of the pre-season. Here’s Gmac on Duco’s impressive run this week.

GIF BREAK: Happy birthday wonder twins! (via taylorpyatt.tumblr.com)

Cam Charron at Nucksmisconduct has a Moneyball themed daily number where he talks about cost-per-win – and how the Canucks rank highly among NHL teams by this metric. I’m convinced that Gillis and the Canucks are using advanced statistics as a number of their moves (acquiring Ballard, Hamhuis, Malhotra, Higgins and playing Rome>Ballard) reek of an awareness of underlying numbers to me.

Struggling to decide which Canucks home-date you’d most like to attend? Soyoureanexpert.com has you covered.

Brad Marchand’s Stanley Cup tattoo was originally misspelled. Brad Marchand – what a guy. I can’t wait til Duco sees the ice with him on January 7th. Not because he’ll "take him out" or anything – I just really want to see Marchand get trolled. If anyone can do it – Duco can. Here, the Kurtenblog pokes fun at the pint sized Nova Scotian dream-crusher.