Trolling With Alain Vigneault


When I saw the lineup for the Canucks pre-season game on Tueday, Cody Hodgson’s linemates made me go "Huh?". I mean, Mike Duco and Viktor Oreskovich? Really? Nothing against these fine upstanding gentlemen but they don’t exactly set the world on fire offensively. I said on twitter that AV is straight up trolling Cody Hodgson at this point. I reaiize that AV played Cody a bunch last night, and had him on the ice for important faceoffs and all that good stuff so perhaps this trolling suggestion is a little passé. Regardless, here are 10 ways AV will troll Cody Hodgson this season: 

1. After vigorous morning practices, AV pats Hodgson on the shoulder and tells him "Nice work Schroeder!" for the first half of the week and "Good job Jensen!" for the second half.

2. AV tells Cody that the team is doing the Grouse Grind one Saturday in October, but Hodgson gets to the top and everyone else is a no show. 

3. Cody Hodgson is out at a local Vancouver dance club with his girlfriend when suddenly AV is dancing between them making finger guns with both hands. 

4. AV asks Hodgson to take dictation for his Aaron Rome poetry for a whole day in November. 

5. For one game AV and Alex Burrows only address Cody in French slang while laughing uproariously the whole time. 

6. At the team Halloween party Cody shows up dressed as a playboy bunny because AV told him it was a playboy theme. All the other players are dressed in suits.  

7. Cody Hodgson goes to the team doctors to have his back checked up on, and they keep rubbing his belly and scratching his ears. He is very confused until he finds out AV hired a veterinarian. 

8. The first game back after Christmas his linemates are a traffic cone and Harold Snepsts. 

9. AV puts weights in his skates and then criticises his foot speed.

10. He asks Ryan Kesler to Kesler bomb all Hodgson’s TV interviews while squeezing an air horn.