Cheers and Jeers – Sep 23

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

This week’s entry features some thumbs up to current members of the Canucks. Because let’s face it – I’m an unabashed Canucks fanboy. Squeeeeee! I HOPE RYAN KESLER RT’S ME!!!!!1

JEERS to Darcy Hordichuk for thinking that he would have had any positive impact whatsoever on the Canucks’ Stanley Cup run last season. He compares having him in the lineup to having a gun in the house. Idiot. This from a guy who was scratched entirely from the Canucks playoff lineup in 2010. Oh… and jeers to Mark Spector for making this a story and printing such drivel. Blech.

CHEERS to new NHL Disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan for using NHL video to explain the suspensions to both Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond and Jody Shelley. A new and innovative way to clarify reasonings and deductions made to determine a number of games. It is a complete 180 degree turn away from the reign of archaic dinosaur Colin Campbell.

JEERS to the continued nonsense of pre-season fights. Holy balls. I know that fighting is under the microscope lately, and so I’m probably paying closer attention to it than I normally would. But all these unnecessary fights are annoying and pointless. I think this pre-season has finally put on to the "It’s Time to Get Rid of Fighting in Hockey" team.

CHEERS to Nicklas Jensen! The Canucks 2011 first round pick earned his first pro contract. The best part was that the contract was announced on Twitter by Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis. After not tweeting a damn thing for six and a half months. You might wanna pick up the pace a little there, Mike. But this was a good start.

JEERS to Tony Gallagher for his article lambasting Canucks coach Alain Vigneault for his treatment of Cody Hodgson. I have no problem with taking Vigneault to task on a particular item. We all know Coach V has made some head-scratching decisions in his tenure in Vancouver. But JESUS CHRIST, it was one pre-season game! There is plenty of time for Hodgson to play with regulars and show AV and the coaching staff how he’ll do with proper NHL roster players.

CHEERS to Kevin Bieksa for joining Twitter! YEY! Most of his time on Twitter so far has been spent chirping back and forth with Ryan Kesler. And I’m perfectly okay with that. Anything to keep Kesler from RT’ing everyone under the sun and using 480 exclamation points.

We don’t often do this but… JEERS to our own Thomas Drance for his overly cocky headline "The Chicago Wolves Defeat the Edmonton Oilers" C’mon bro! Every other fan base already hates the tits outta us. We don’t need to add any fuel to the riot-induced fire. Maybe tone it down a hair. Otherwise you’ll become the butt of Barry Rozner "jokes" for weeks on end.

CHEERS to the Kalamazoo Wings for signing on as the Vancouver Canucks ECHL affiliate. Also… funny name. It’s a funny name. Kinda like Turd Ferguson.

Yeah. that’s right. I ended this week’s post with the TURD FERGUSON CLIP.  /drops mic