Headshots September 14th


Pee Wee "Marchand" Herman got paid today. Photo via @cheekster82

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Here’s the Days of Y’Orr write up about how Peewee Herman look-alike, the unpenalizable Brad Marchand has re-upped on a reasonable two year deal worth five million dollars with the Bruins. I hate when teams I dislike make quality personnel moves (even if the Burrows contract is better).

Speaking of everyones favorite winner of turds, Daniel Wagner recaps a video of Burrows getting soundly beat at NHL2012 by the games creator yesterday evening. NHL2012 by the way – is pretty awesome. I’m six games into my Chris Tanev "Be an NHL pro" and I have 9 assists and have posted a +12 (on superstar of course).

A court date has been set for Steve Moore’s civil-suit against Todd Bertuzzi and the Vancouver Canucks for the infamous assault Bertuzzi laid down on Moore in a 2004 game against the Avalanche. If the team and Bertuzzi don’t settle before the suit sees a court-room, it’s going to get really ugly. 

David Honzik – who got absolutely lit up in his first start of the young-stars tournament against the Oilers rookies – will hope to redeem himself this afternoon against the Sharks rookies. You can live-stream the game, of course, from canucks.nhl.com and we’ll have a review of the game after it has finished this evening.

TRIPPED OUT GIF BREAK: Bieksa just keeps on coming….

Botchford writes about Cody Hodgson’s fresh-start, and the opportunity that awaits the former CHL player of the year this fall. Kid sounds focussed and confident. If he has put the injuries, and the frustrations behind him and can just go out and perform – look out!

Roberto Luongo has been working on improving his short-term memory loss capabilities this summer, and is ready to give the proverbial can, yet another kick.

Tony Gallagher asked the Canucks what they learned from last years many successes, and one memorable, all-important failure, and got an interesting variety of answers.