Cheers and Jeers – Vol. 3

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It’s Friday. We close out the Week That Was with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

We start off with a BIG CHEERS to your favourite hockey club, the Vancouver Canucks.

CHEERS to Mike Gillis and the Canucks for re-signing Jannik Hansen before the two sides went to arbitration. And further cheers for getting him signed at a $1.35m cap hit for three years. Given the speculation leading up to the signing, Hansen’s deal has to be considered a bargain for the Canucks.

JEERS to the NHL for their league-wide policy of not releasing terms of new contract signings. It’s not as though fans don’t already know what the terms are, by the time the Canucks release the official statement on the signing. NHL, just let teams put the damn numbers in the press release, to confirm what we already know. BTW – a bonus CHEERS to sites like and for providing us with the necessary resources to navigate around this bizarre NHL policy.

CHEERS to former Canucks winger Geoff Courtnall for his candor in discussing his experience with mental-health issues, and sharing his pas – specifically in talking about his father. Courtnall’s dad, Archie, was a troubled man who took his own life just weeks before Geoff’s 16 birthday. Read the full article at the Vancouver Sun and dive into this very poignant story.

JEERS to the Phoenix Coyotes for forcing a switch in home dates with the Canucks because of a scheduling conflict. Really, Arena? Really Glendale? The Coyotes are your ONLY tenant and you’re making them move because of a scheduling conflict? This has to be Exhibit # 486 in the case to prove Phoenix doesn’t want a hockey team. Period.

JEERS to the haters of the Winnipeg Jets new logos. Man, Twitter was on FIRE last Friday when the Jets released the images of the new logos. and folks seemed polarized on the matter – they either loved them or they hated them. There was very little in between. I LIKE THEM A LOT. First of all, they are meaningful to the city of Winnipeg, the history of the city and surrounding area and the country. Second, they’re WAY better than anything that ever came out of Atlanta. Third, the colour palette is simple and sharp. The true test, however, will be their appearance on a jersey. No one will care about the logo if the jersey looks nice. Case in point – the Vancouver Canucks. I positively despise the Canucks logo. It’s a cartoony, garish nod to the former owners, who needed their corporate stamp placed at the forefront. But I love the Canucks jerseys – simple colour scheme, sharp design, and both the home and away jerseys look good on ice and on TV.

CHEERS to our man Jorge, on Twitter @CanuckFan4Life2, for his loyalty to Canucks Army and our new podcast. He’s always giving us great questions to discuss, and plenty of praise for our site. Right back atchya, my man. Keep the questions coming!