Ain’t much left to say about the Vancouver Canucks at this point. We have picked them to lose three rounds in a row and have suffered in the Playoff Preductions Project as a result. Still we would rather be dead last in the pool than correctly predict the Canucks will move on to the next round in the playoffs. We stand by our convictions.

Bruins over Canucks. Believe that.


Man it is really happening right now in Winnipeg. What a time to be alive. They are celebrating as though the Cup has already been brought back to Portage and Main and why not? The Mayor is literally leading conga lines around town and we can’t help but have a soft spot for the Winnipeg/Manitoba WhateverTheHells. Till the puck drops of course then it is lights out.

And you have to love the name controversy going on right now. 71% of the Nation think the team should be called the Jets. Most people in Winnipeg want the team to be callled the Jets. Elton John once wrote a song called Benny and the Jets. So of course Bettman and the NHL don’t want the team to be called the Jets.

Judging by the tone of the NHL press conference in Winnipeg they don’t want to have anything NHL related in Winnipeg whatsoever. The attitude of NHL brass has been impossibly condescending to the City of Winnipeg throughout this entire process and the sooner they can scuttle back to NYC the better as far as we are concerned.

Misjudging the American Economic Outlook and placing so many NHL teams in Southern secondary markets could be the strategic mismanagement of the last 50 years of NHL history. As teams return to Canada one by one, this will become even more evident and Bettman will be forced to press conference after press conference as team after team comes to Canada.



According to the survey you fill out when you become a Citzen of the Nation, 29% of our readers are on Twitter up from 17% a year ago. It’s a hell of a fun time with no censors and the potential to have a brief shining moment in the spotlight
Jay Onrait on Twitter.

Take the other night when Jay Onrait from TSN tweeted the picture above. We couldn’t help but wonder if Onrait was 11 feet tall or if Mr. Cougar Bait was on the smaller side. Luckily any idiot with a Twitter account and a dream can ask anyone anything. And occasionally they might answer:

@WanyeGretz: What are you like 11 feet tall Onrait? #meow

And lo and behold the man answered:

@JayOnrait: @WanyeGretz 6’5"

Only on Twitter can you have this sort of up close and personal encounter with a Canadian Sport Media Institution. If you aren’t on Twitter yet get on board. If you are on board follow your ol’ pal Wanye ASAP. Then you can tell all your friends and family that you follow someone who once talked directly to Jay Onrait and is basically his best friend.

You’re welcome.



How do you like your Edmonton Oilers? Nude and covered in water? Then you will undoubtedly like this picture of the guy from a Finnish Website. Did we draw flames all over the picture? Yes. Did we illustrate that he is bringing the heat? Yes.

As an aside what is up with Oilers posing in the near nude? Remember the pic a few years back with Moreau, Souray and Cogliano? Now this? Spicy! We think we speak for everyone in Finland and Canada when we say "Maistiaisena ohessa Teemu Hartikaisen kuuma suihkukuva!"